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@Calc calculates a price per unit for every item.
For example, you can calculate how much you pay for meat per 100 gram, how many liters of fuel you can get for $30, how much is the price of an individual sausage, and etc.
This app can be used to keep a record of household expenses by adding to the Shopping List.
Registered Item Names, Units and Prices are saved in the History, therefore you just need to enter an Item Name from the next time.
It will help you do your shopping wisely.


The price per unit including tax will be displayed after entering the Price and Quantity and Number of Unit per item.
3 different tax rates can be set and the price for each tax rate and the difference in prices will be shown.

It is recommended to register Item Names and Units beforehand if possible.
Once they are registered in the History, only an Item Name needs to be entered.
You will tap the Title Area to enter an Item Name.
A Unit and Number of Unit per Item are set from the Multiple Selection Area. A Unit can be selected by tapping an underlined text.

Please add a new unit separated by commas in the Setting Screen if you can't find the unit which you want to use.

The picture of an item will be set by tapping the Round Frame.
You can also search the web for a picture with an item name. A web browser will be opened, and you need to select and copy a picture searched in a browser then return to this app and paste the picture to set.

A picture can be set from photos taken by iphone camera activated from this app. Long-press the Round Frame.

An Item will be added to the Shopping List by tapping the Adding-to-cart Icon, and a total price including the added item will be displayed.
You can shift to the Shopping List Screen by swiping to left.
Items can be saved in the Shopping List Screen so that you can record household expenses.
Additionally, prices and others can be corrected by long-pressing an item on the Shopping List.

The price of an item will be excluded from the total price by tapping the Item Picture in the left of each item on the Shopping List.

For example, if you want to calculate how many liters of fuel you can get for $10:
Enter 123 in Price Box
Enter 1 in Quantity Box
Enter 10 in Total Price Box
The calculation result of how many liters will be displayed in the Number of Item Box.

This app supports CSV format of "Quick Money Recorder" developed by Smart Idea inc. and data export is available only if the QuickMoneyRecorder app is already installed.

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Hiroshi Hattori
12.3 МБ

Требуется iOS 7.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


английский, японский

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