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5.6 k valoraciones

Maynor2016 ,

Good but can be better

This game honestly is very good, I have been playing for like 2 years now I think and it is always been a blast. I like how things are but I just wish that they would have a update to add new things to the game. It gets boring after a while playing the same thing over and over. Also, they need to fix the hackers in this game because there is so many of them and when I fave them I struggle and I’m a pro at the game. Like to handle them I have to dodge everything cuz it would be a one shot kill,but honestly I don’t really mind them because they make me have to play for for real cause most people are too easy and pros always avoid other pros to keep their stats. So I jus hope ya can improve on having some sort of feature for pros or like tournaments for us pros cuz it get boring. The game is awesome no doubt about it, jus need a new update that's all to make the game even better. Plz read this review and update the game.

MoreCruz80 ,

This to make the game great again.

So call of mini infinity has been a great iconic game about four years ago. Your fans have been demanding this for a while. Add new Maps armor characters weapons and game modes just an idea capture the flag and a map with vehicles would be sweet. To make the game more fun again is to get rid of the hackers do what clash of clans does, band all hackers it would help out a lot of fans of this game and make it fair. Also fix the glitches shooting through walls should not be allowed running through walls should not be allowed it would make the game more fair. Levels 1 to 15 should get 30 crystals and 3000 gold every day this would make the fan more happy and attract a lot of fans to stay and play the game more so they can buy cool items to look more like the high level players it would be fair and make the game much better. You should also make new sounds with weapons and characters. This would all make the game iconic and found loving if you do this. plz can you do all this. Ok it’s 2018 May 31th and the game says that there is an update to the game but the update isn’t pulling up on my App Store for update.

Elite death squad ,

Fix The Glitches And Add More Modes

I love Playing the Game But The Glitches and hacks take the game , away, I have now -1,000,000,000 dollars. Negative amounts of money after killing a hacker in a duel match!!! I found the HACKER his Game tag is ANTHONY and we were playing drop bomb and it was 2/0 and I was like yeah I am gonna win then suddenly he comes out hacks the score to 0-0 and then wins again bye hacking plz fix this with the info I gave u ( hope I won't get hacked by him now ) also people will glitch into the walls where I can't shoot them but then they kill me??? Plz fix that also people will give themselves infinite HP because I see a health thing give them health every second and they never die, maxed out RPG-0 DMG to them also i will choose to play Duos and then it won't load then suddenly it says no Internet (!!!) So I go on another game that uses Internet and it loads perfectly then go back and... I am just trying to say fix the glitches and make Match making based off of the people's Weapons And perks. Also I was wondering if you guys could add more guns like a LMG A Shocker
- Double Barrel Shot Gun ( 2 shots then reload )
- Duel Pistols
- SMG ( Shotgun + Machine Gun
Thx for reading hope you guys add this!!!


Triniti Interactive Limited
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Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Clasificado 12+ por lo siguiente:
Violencia en dibujos animados o en imágenes fantásticas frecuente/intensa
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