Learn your favorite songs without tabs or sheet music.

Whether you play for the world or yourself, all musicians need a good ear for harmony, melody, and rhythm. Using the songs in your music collection, Capo guesses the beats, chords, and key of songs to help you break them down to their individual parts. Capo’s unique technology helps you to learn your favorites quickly as you improve your ear along the way.

Capo is simple and yet so, so good, even the professionals use it:

“Capo is AMAZING!!! Very clutch. Especially when parts are kinda tough in the mix that I can’t make out easily. With other apps you lose quality, this still sounds correct.”
- Omar Edwards: Keyboardist/Music Director for Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Eminem, and more

“When I sat down and started using Capo for the first time, I was amazed at how big a punch this little app packs! It's intuitive, convenient, and high-quality.”
- Rebecca Lovell: Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Piano for Larkin Poe

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Slow down playback, scrub to hear specific notes, and easily create regions that loop as you learn to play the tricky parts. Use Capo’s tools to isolate specific instruments and even vocals to learn any part of a song. With a couple simple switches, you can focus on the piano or eliminate everything to practice the guitar solo and make transcription easier.

Capo automatically detects chords, beats, and the key of songs to get you started. Change, add, or remove the detected chords easily with a few taps as you identify alternate chords and voicings. Use Capo's structure song view to edit Capo's beat grid for songs with changing, or uncommon time signatures.

With an active subscription, Capo saves the loop regions you set, chord changes, and even the playback position into Projects. Learn songs at your own pace and revisit them on all your devices using iCloud.

*** SO MUCH MORE ***
* Transpose songs to different keys
* Rename regions to keep organized
* Use the Tabbing song view to quickly capture solos and melody
* Beat detection estimates the tempo and helps snap regions
* Edit chords one at a time or globally
* Display chord diagrams for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Bass, and now Piano
* Rock on southpaws! Capo has a left-handed chord box option
* Five different metronome sounds

**NOTE**: Capo works with music you own, but cannot access streaming tracks from Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

*** GO PRO ***
Without an active subscription, Capo will not save your edits to the chords, beats, regions, markers, tabs, or sections in your Projects.

For $39.99 per year, Capo Pro:

* Saves all your changes to Projects, which are synced across your devices
* Provides full access to upcoming features and improvements
* Helps support future development of the product

*** GO PLATINUM [NEW!] ***
For $49.99 per year, Capo Platinum gives you everything in Capo Pro *plus* the ability to unlock all the features in Capo touch for iOS.

All prices shown in this description are in USD. Exact prices may vary by region based on current exchange rates. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off from Settings after purchase.

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What’s New

Version 4.0

4th Generation Chord Detection (macOS 10.14+ Only)

Capo's newest chord detection engine is faster, more accurate, and identifies a wider range of chords—including inversions! If you'd like to read more about the development of this new technology, visit our blog at

You can re-detect and replace all the chords in your existing Projects by choosing Notes > Detect All Chords from the main menu.

Structure Song View (Subscription Only)

You can now see and mark up your songs at a high level—bar by bar—to define the sections of the song. Mark the Verse, Chorus, A Section, B Section, or use whatever names you choose! You can also apply colors to the sections to help you identify similar ones.

Many users will be excited to learn that this all-new song view _also_ allows you to edit Capo's beat grid that's used to power Capo's snapping and metronome features. By clicking along with the beat to mark the start of each bar, you can replace Capo's detected beats with your own. You can also change the number of beats in specific bars when you're working with songs that have mixed time signatures, and make fine adjustments to improve precision.

Chords Song View (Subscription Only)

An all-new, vertically-scrolling look at the chords in your song displays more chords on screen at the same time. It also uses the sections you define in the Structure song view to group the chords according to the section they belong in.

This is a massive improvement for chord-oriented musicians that are looking to analyze a song's overall harmony, or those that want a better view of what's coming ahead.

Trial Mode (Paid, Non-Subscribers)

If you are a paid user that has not yet subscribed to Capo Pro, you can try the new, subscription-only features as many times as you'd like, for as long as you'd like! Just select one of the song views that are marked TRIAL, and Capo will let you play with the feature with only one catch—your edits to the project will no longer be saved.

Don't see anything worth paying for? No problem! Close the project, and you'll be back to using Capo as usual. We will keep trying to earn your subscription in future releases, and hope you enjoy the massive improvements to the chord detection engine!

Improved Free Edition

The free version of Capo no longer has a playback timer! You now have full access to Capo's full feature set, but Capo will not save any of your edits to Projects without an active subscription.

This change results in a more useful product for a wider audience. Teachers, be sure to tell all your students!


* We modified the Simple Piano chord display to make it easier to distinguish the bass note from the others.


* Capo no longer crashes in the chord chooser when searching for chord inversions
* We addressed a handful of crashes that were submitted by users since the last release. Please keep sending us your bug reports!

We love hearing from our customers, so please leave a review on the App Store to share your positive experiences with others, or send us a support email if you have any questions for us. We're listening, and appreciate all your bug reports and feedback!

Ratings and Reviews

3.5 out of 5
113 Ratings

113 Ratings

JTdesign ,

Useful. Not perfect, but improving.

The developer keeps improving this app, and I have found it quite useful. If you’re an aspiring musician, it’s worth the very reasonable price for the parts that work well. It cannot always deliver on getting chords right, particularly on more complex songs (although I have not tested this on the most recent version yet). The best thing about Capo is the ability to slow down the tempo while keeping it in the same key, or pitching the song up or down while keeping the same tempo. You can also mute out certain ranges of sound so that you can play along without doubling the part. It does these things very well.

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for this insightful review of Capo. You're right — Capo doesn't always get the chords correct. Obviously, our goal is to get as many chords correct as possible. But for the ones it doesn’t, we have made it simple for users to correct the missed detections. All the changes you make to a song’s chords are stored in the Project as you go, so your modifications will remain intact the next time you return to work on a song. We have a blog post written by the developer of the app that talks about Capo's chord intelligence in greater detail if you're interested. You can find it here — —
Thanks again...

Emoney007 ,

The "Smarter" it's gotten, the more painful it is to use

I remember using an older version of Capo before this new Capo 3 and I found it to be an indispensible tool. I loved it and raved about it. It didn't give me chords or anything if I remember correctly, but it was great for highlighting a section of a song and slowing it down to learn it. This new version with snap regions and beat detection has become so cumbersome to use given how inaccurate the alignment oftentimes is, and the downbeat editing doesn't seem to help in any meaningful way. I actually took a song I couldn't get to loop right in capo, trimmed it to only the section I wanted in another app, added it back to Capo as a clean 8 bar section, and Capo still wouldn't allow me to set the region correctly because of what it inaccurately detected. This great piece of software has become incredibly cumbersome to use and much too smart for it's own good. I would love to be able to turn all the smart stuff off and go back to a version that gave me easily editable regions and simple speed and key change controls. That's all I need. I would use this app likely 100x more and give it 5 stars if it would go back to being simple and efficient. The current form on all devices is none of these things.

Developer Response ,

Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with Capo's increasing "smarts".

A few things:

* Today's Capo 4 update introduces a way to completely replace the detected beats using the "Record Bars" feature in the Structure song view.

* If you want to skip out on the beat snapping, you can always hold the shift key when you drag your regions around.

* Version 4 also introduces an all-new chord detector that *mops the floor* with any previous version that we shipped. Give it another shot, and let us know how it goes!

If there's anything else you'd like to see from us, please reach out to We're always listening and actively incorporating your feedback into the product.

petecrosta ,


I’m a retired music educator that now spends his idle time transcribing music. I have struggled to isolate instruments, especially the bass parts. My system would always just produce distortion. Well, then I found a recommendation on Facebook’s NO TREBLE page from a fellow Mac user who swore by CAPO. How could I refuse THAT recommendation?? So I tried it and O.M.G. - I was amazed - BLOWN THE HELL AWAY when I could isolate “so cleanly” the bass line!!!! I don’t honestly know if I’ll ever step outside my house again!!! I’m having a blast “cleaning up” what I previously THOUGHT were spot-on transcriptions. <smh> I cannot believe what I missed and what CAPO has helped me discover.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t buy it for pitch or tempo changes or chord markings or any of the other “marketed” components. I just wanted ISOLATION and, by God, I got it.

I am also happy I not only have it on my iMac (my primary instrument for transcribing), but on my iOS devices. I found that flipping between CAPO and my music processing software was sometimes cumbersome. So having it on my device I can accomplish things a tad faster and with more accuracy listening through my earbuds. (FWIW)

If you are reading this far - stop and go buy the darn product!! It’s freakin’ awesome.

Developer Response ,

Wow...what a glowing review. We love your enthusiasm! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with Capo 3 and Capo touch with our potential customers. Much appreciated.


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