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●App Overview
fx-CG500 comes equipped to perform complex calculations, draw graphs, and to use a computer algebra system (CAS) to investigate mathematics and solve problems. It has a user interface in the style of the handheld fx-CG500, a tool used in classrooms worldwide.
This app will be beneficial for both new and experienced fx-CG500 users. fx-CG500 in combination with the free activities available from CASIO can help to take your study of mathematics to the next level.

●Trial Version vs Monthly Subscription Version
After you register for a fx-CG500 Subscription, you will be provided access to a variety of different apps and functions that are essential for math and natural science learning and calculation.

You get access to a selection of more than 10 new apps that allow you to perform calculations using dynamic visual representations of math and natural science concepts. Four typical applications, each of which is essential for math and natural science learning and calculations, are described below.

eActivity lets you input math expressions and textual explanations in files that can then be used as worksheets.
In addition to standard spreadsheet calculations, this app also provides statistical chart analysis and statistical calculation capabilities.
Geometry makes it possible for students to grasp relationships between figures using number tables and animations.
Physium provides access to a periodic table and scientific constants for calculations.

You get additional access to more than 300 middle and higher grade math functions, including calculus, complex numbers, probability distribution, and more.

●Monthly Subscription
・Subscription Fee and Period
A subscription costs $1.99 per month (calculated from your date of purchase), automatically renewed each month until you cancel your subscription.
Billing is through your iTunes account.

・Automatic Renewal Details
Subscriptions are renewed automatically as long as the subscriber does not cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Billing for an automatically renewed subscription will be performed within 24 hours after the auto renewal.

・Checking Your Current Subscription Status and Canceling a Subscription (by Stopping Auto Renewal)
You can check your current subscription status by navigating to the applicable page as shown below.
[Settings > iTunes & App Store > Tap your Apple ID. > View Apple ID > Subscriptions]
On the page that appears, you can check your next auto renewal date, and cancel or reconfigure your auto renewal.
*You can also use iTunes to check your next auto renewal date, and cancel or reconfigure your auto renewal.

・Partial Month Cancellation
Cancellation of a subscription partway through a month is not allowed.

・Terms of use

・Privacy Policy


バージョン 1.0.10

・Minor bugs fixed.





Buy the real calculator instead

As others have mentioned this requires a subscription. Unless you are OK with just a small portion of the main features. I can’t justify paying more than $25 per year. In 4-5 years you can buy a real one. Generally I don’t purchase any subscription, unless there is no other way and even then if any competitor has a similar non subscription option — I purchase it promptly and cancel the subscription.

Mr. Protocol

Subscription required

This app is crippled severely unless you pay an annual subscription fee. Outright purchase is unavailable, even if you own the calculator. I suggest you AVOID downloading this, even if someone else is paying the freight. It’s a pernicious business model.

Inspector Ichabod Crane

Stay away!

I’m a big fan of Casio fx-9860 calculator. This app on the other hand is hands down the ugliest and the most useless app I’ve ever tried. Shouldn’t even exist on AppStore. I give it 0, that is a zero, star. Not 1 star rating, zero!


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