Version 1.8.1

Hallo Cataner! Update 1.8.1. beinhaltet u.a. diese Features und Verbesserungen:
-Zugtimer anderer Spieler im Detail sichtbar
-Desktop: Würfelanimationen in Optionen einstellbar
-Fix für XP Vergabe bei Singleplayer-Spielen
-Anzeigefehler im Store behoben (Bundles)
-Statistik-Darstellung verbessert
-Von anderen Spieler geraubte Rohstoffe sind nun auf allen Plattformen korrekt versteckt
-Platzierungsspiele werden nun wieder richtig gezählt
-Zahlreiche Layout-Optimierungen

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.2 von 5
7,263 Bewertungen

7,263 Bewertungen

Zynga luver ,

Great game and well integrated, though expansion tutorials are needed.

The game is a great adaptation of the classic strategy board game. However, the tutorial introduces you to many different expansion themed game modes. While these are great when explained (Seafarers for example), the rest have minimal to no tutorial. The gamemode involving upgrading your cities in terms of politics and science offers no explanation as to how to get the resources required to do that or what happens if you can’t defeat the pirates. Even worse, the Rivals of Catan tutorial prompt says “Let me show you the two person card game, Rivals of Catan.” Then, with no explanation, it just throws you into the middle of the game and offers no information as to how this (only slightly similar to the board game) version is even played. It just keeps expecting you to know what to do with no prompt like the prior tutorials had.

As for everything else game related, the app is incredible. No bugs. No glitches. Very well integrated and very well explained. Easy to play with friends. All that is necessary is some explanation for the new game modes introduced before just throwing them into the players’ faces.

ExperiencedProjectEngineer ,

Extremely Buggy

EDIT 1: some of the main concerns were addressed and - to some extent - corrected. Game breaking bugs in matches were reduced substantially, from about 90% of matches to a healthy 15% (yep, I kept an excel). The in-game interface is still the same, and in my humble opinion, not very intuitive. Regardless, the app is moving in the right direction. Adjusting stars from 1 to 3. REALLY looking forward to the update that was supposed to happen a few hours ago(?).


The board game is amazing and the app has so much potential. However, it is ridiculously common for a game to get bugged. The problem with that is that it affects all other players, not just whoever got bugged. So the game hangs up thinking no one is having issues, meanwhile this one player is stalling for upwards of 20 mins (and the game cant figure out that something is wrong and just kick him). Kicktimers trigger for no reason when you’re in-game and everything else seems to be doing fine. Not much incentive to level up. Not much to buy in the shop (honestly if there were more items available, with better perks than a viking hat, I’d be throwing money at you guys). Elo visibility is really nice tho, kinda only thing that keeps me and my friends around. Just a tip, elo games tend to not show opponents’ elo in the pre-game screen so that it won’t affect in-game tactics (i.e. 3v1, etc). Really looking forward to an update and hopefully adjusting this rating. Thanks for your hard work!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hi ExperiencedProjectEngineer, version 1.4.5 was releasd yeasterday with lots of improvements to the game. Thank you also for your feedback on other issues!

Shadowmarsh ,

Extremely disappointed

Get the game... that’s about as far as my story goes. I play one game (tutorial game) stupid because one person got kicked for inactivity. Then after that I finish the settling into Catan or whatever the overall tutorial is and still can’t play the different versions of the regular mode, which it says you need to complete and I did... then all the sudden I can’t even log in because it keeps saying timing out when I have perfectly good internet connection. Then I finally can get logged in and it “can’t connect to the server”, so irritating and I’ve tried like 20 times and still can’t connect to the server. Then I go on the forum and apparently this problem has been going on for two weeks and not a thing has been fixed. Honestly ridiculous and embarrassing for them. Like you get hired to do this crap and you can’t even fix a problem that makes the game UNPLAYABLE... ridiculous. Not even sure how the heck it has 4 stars I LOVE CATAN, LOVE THE IDEA, CANT EVEN PLAY, so who gives a crap what your trying to do, if you can’t play it it doesn’t matter. That’s like showing people you can give them a million bucks if they roll a 2 with a dice, but there’s only ones... oh and one last thing, AI’s freeze up after playing 7s. Think that should be an easy one to fix, but you also can’t FIX YOUR MAIN SERVER... poor people who actually payed for this game and can’t get a refund. Fix this game in less then a week and this 1 Star turns into a 5 in snap...


United Soft Media Verlag GmbH
631.1 MB

Erfordert iOS 10.3 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.


Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Niederländisch, Spanisch

Freigegeben ab 4+
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