Catholic Mass Times Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
426 Ratings

426 Ratings

Etonnante ,

Convenient and Responsive

I use this all the time even locally to see what nearby churches have a mass time I can make. Works well with unpredictable and busy schedules, and if you’re traveling. Best of all, they are quick to fix errors. I ended up at mass thinking it started at 5:30pm for example according to the app (and the church’s own website!) but it actually started at 5pm. This was on the church bulletin which I shared with the app and they fixed it on the app right away.

_*Eri*_ ,

Best app for mass scheduling!

I use this app all the time! Great source to find mass schedules, confession times and adoration chapel availability (in some instances).
Whenever changes or suggestions need to be made, the process is simple and fast!
You send them the correct information, they respond quickly and ask you to verify changes to make sure it is accurate.

Caucagua ,

Catholic Mass

It is an excelent way to find a church near you and the mass times. Wherever I go I can plan my daly mass. I have used it in USA, Spain, France, Costa Rica and UK. Is amazing the information you can get. I love specially the map with the churches, you don’t have to know the city to locate the one near you or near where you are going.
It is easy also to update the info and correct what is wrong.

pililic ,

Amazing App for those traveling or far from home!

This app has helped me so much, especially as a student, to find nearby masses and confession times! It is super helpful also when traveling around the world, since mass times change and this app has locals or other travelers that send the updated times! 10/10 would recommend! :)

Wjjump ,

Excellent information

Very fast response to suggested updates. Churches apparently do not keep the information accurate so it is up to us users to submit updates and correct information. This app quickly verifies the update, thanks you for the information, and asks that you check it was input correctly. Great app!

MissyBequia ,

Excellent travel tool

We travel full time in an RV and this app easily finds the churches nearby and with an easy click leads me to ask mass time info
It also has a link to the church website!
They have worked hard to keep it up to date and anyone can send them corrections if the info needs updating.

carmalengo85 ,

Accurate, helpful and excellent

I will start by saying that this application have help me to find masses nearby in an incredible easy and fast way.
I love the integration that have with Waze.
It's so accurate thanks to people that is always using it and confirming that masses schedules are fine.
Support is amazing, even I received support in my native language: Spanish and was fast, at the next day I was able to see the corrected information about a church thanks to emails from their end confirming that change was implemented.
I really love this app, that make us more close to a mass so we can get in touch with God.
Thank you so much for developing it and for have for free available to us.

ccastrocarranza ,

Helpful Application

This is a great application special when you are traveling. I’ve discovered that in certain cities not all churches are listed due to the lack of local support. This application requires the help of all local Catholics to keep it actualized and accurate. The application is rather useful. Needs more support.


Reliable and life saving

I have used this app for a while. No matter where I travel it has helped me find a mass near me. This way I have been able to go to church and also have discovered the most beautiful churches.

Highly recommended. It is a must.

Traveling catholic ,

Traveling Catholic

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to experience Mass at different churches. This app has made it possible for me to quickly find a church near me and make plans to attend a mass there. Thank you for guiding us all toward Jesus through this app!