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"Checking Tasks without opening the app. That's very convenient" - Appliv reviews

ChecksWidget is a checklist widget on Notification Center.
(Also Support Apple Watch!)

You can always access checklist.(when launching other apps,on Lock screen...)

Note: Notification center has limitation of the displaying areas.
· IPhone 6s (6s Plus): up to 12 items
- iPhone 5: up to 10 item
· IPhone 4S: up to 8 items
· IPad Air: up to 12 items
· IPad Pro: up to 20 items

Checklist that can be displayed in the Notification Center and Apple Watch is the only One you have selected.

In the free trial version can be saved up to 2 lists.
If you want to save the more list, please purchase the Pro version.

Since this app is a simple app, doesn't support iCloud service.


バージョン 1.0.11

iOS13 & Dark Mode





Great app except.....

I just downloaded this app and got it set up. It’s great, and what I was looking for EXCEPT it’s only on the notification screen where I can’t see it unless I swipe over to that screen. I need to have this on my home screen where I can instantly see it when I open my phone. I have epilepsy, and if it’s not on my home screen, then I don’t remember what I need to get done. My memory has been greatly compromised due to seizures and medication, and I have a very difficult time remembering that there’s even a screen to the left of the home screen. If you could PLEASE change this widget to be on the home screen, it would mean the world to me. No one else makes an app that works like this one, which is what I went searching for today, but it won’t work for me if I can’t place it onto my home screen. I’ve tried other ones on the notification screen, and it doesn’t work for me. I will be more than happy to purchase the pro version if you could please make this change. Thank you so much! 💜

Pharaoh Ramses

Add one thing...

It’s a great app. I honestly use it to list all my bills and check them as I pay them throughout the month. It’s convenient in widget form and on the first of the month I can simply hit reset and it starts over. I wish that in the widget, when you hit the “show less” it would then only display the unchecked list items. That would be super convenient and a helpful feature, even if it were only in the pro version. Thanks!


Nice app

Wanted to try the app out. It is nice app. The size of font is also nice. Not sure why you need different folders as you can not see other folder in Notification Center


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