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Want to watch Chinese TV online and TV programs for free?

Install a mobile application ChinaTV! Sometimes there are situations when you need to watch TV online some channel. If you're behind a stationary computer or watching TV - it's not a problem, but if you're on vacation or on the road, then mobile app ChinaTV will help you. ChinaTV broadcasts the most popular Chinese TV channels via the Internet.

ChinaTV - Chinese TV online

The developer is not responsible for the content of the available channels, because he only provides an interface for the displaying TV channels. The developer is not a broadcaster or cable/satellite operator. Application in any case does not include any stored footage, recorded videos etc. There are no any videos in the application. The application does not and will not relay any channels. All data used in the application can be easily found for free on the Internet. We just combined it in a single program. All descriptions and images used in the application are the property of their respective owners.
However, if you do not like the fact that this app has a player translating your content, write us directly at ershowvlad@gmail.com - and we will remove the channel from the application. Naturally, we will consider requests to disable broadcast only from holders - officials from the channel or channels themselves. In any case, we are open to dialogue

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Оценок: 20

wiuyu ,


你好,这个软件很好,只是有一些中国的电视台在里面找不到,希望你以后能够把这些没有的都给添加进去,谢谢,其中一个是CCTV 13如果下次这个软件的版本升级了的话,我希望你能把这个给放到软件里面,谢谢!

Ответ разработчика ,

感谢您的宝贵意见! 我们会在每个下一个版本中永久扩展受支持的渠道数量-请始终遵循App Store中当前的应用版本

alain.d.nguyen ,

The sports.

I would like to see your sports channel working in progress.the channels are on cctv5 and the other one is called cctv5+

Ответ разработчика ,

Many thanks for your great feedback! We permanently expand the number of supported channels in every next version - please, always follow the current app version in App Store

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