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"ClipClaps is the best video player in the world!

Step 1:
OPEN! ClipClaps
Step 2:
Step 3:
SHARE! Upload the content you like and become a MEGASTAR!
Step 4:
ENJOY! Experience the fun time!
Step 5:
Repeat step 2-4 until you realize...

At ClipClaps, we have the hottest video content. Lose yourself in the infinite scroll of the craziest, funniest videos, whilst getting happy for every second you watch!

At ClipClaps, your opinion matters! YOU can be the ultimate judge that decides the fate of the next popular video. Be the start of a meme that makes it to the history books.

At ClipClaps, you can build yourself up to be a MEGASTAR! Upload your favorite content and instantly get thousands of views!

ClipClaps is your PERFECT video content community. From creators to viewers, from casual to professional, you can start your journey here with us!

Welcome to the ClipClaps family."


版本 4.0.0

This update fixed existing bugs and improved user experience. Now download ClipClaps' new version and start chatting with your favorite House owners!


4.0(满分 5 分)
4,955 个评分

4,955 个评分


Great app but...

I love this app especially the new aquarium feature but I wish it gave more information on the fish and how you can make more gold fish or earn the “gift fishes” it just kinda boring to only feed and sell them- wish they would add more features to it. Also pretty bummed they removed the treasure chests because you can’t earn shards towards rewards or scratchers- you can only buy them with coins but they run out so easily. Overall I am happy but still wish they can bring back some old features and add some new ones so it adds more excitement.


I like the app but..

Why it keep saying network error when I’m doing stuff on my account from the app? And it only let me watch a certain amount of videos other then that I like the app but . it’s not giving me scratch tickets anymore I’ve watched a lot of videos and my coins not going up it’s pretty much not getting any higher since I started all a sudden and it took way like 10 coins from me I only had made $2.40 from the scratch tickets and now it’s down to $2.30 and why can’t I sign into my paypal through ClipClaps? And why is it taking me so long just to make money or get scratch tickets ? Can someone tell me that I’m new to this how can I contact these people directly my coins keep disappearing and now I can’t get any more coins when watching videos it disappeared and keep taking money from me please fix the problem also on my videos I can’t tell if my clappers are going up it’s still the same I have some clappers but I need this app to work better I don’t know if it’s slow or what it’s also saying error network It shows I’m logged in also why can’t I record my videos for a long time from on my iPhone through the app ClipClap?


Hello, thank you for your feedback. Currently, we have a issue on PayPal Payouts function. We have already fixed it, however, due to the Christmas break, App Store do not accept any update request. Therefore, you are suggested to perfect your information on PayPal to avoid app crashing. Also, you can send your code to, we will have stuff to help you with the missing money or coins. Thank you:)


Time waster

I watch 10 or more videos per day or hour yet I didn’t get single cash rewards from crates ,the worst thing is I hardly earned 10k golds and I exchanged with 10 golden chest yet I didn’t get cash rewards participating raffles,even if I received it’s gonna be 10 sents or lesser than 50 sents .clip claps not funny at all I didn’t download this game on purpose entertainment but to earn little amount at least one weak or one day per 1 dollar but it’s truly hard to do ,and waste of data mobile data costs more than what I’m earning here
Funny thing is the most dumbest thing in this game I realized developers are how dumb!!!! You can’t withdraw lesser than 15 dollars and it’s been long time they stopped 10$ withdrawals it will take really sometimes to earn 10 dollars more than a month yet you can’t withdraw it or earn more than that easily! ClipClaps at least worth two stars if you can make people can at least withdraw 5 dollars because I know you will not gonna earn 15 dollars easily that is why you should avoid this app . You should definitely avoid this app

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