CodeToGo has now been used to run over one MILLION programs!

Write and run code in your favorite programming language, using your iOS device! Supports all iOS devices.

Just pick your language, write some code (with syntax highlighting for the most common languages), and run it. Each language has its own example "Hello World!" program for you to test.

CodeToGo gives you an API around, allowing you to run code in many different programming languages (on a Linux server) and get the results back.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, because you can't actually run code on the iPhone, you MUST have an internet connection to run the code! You can however write, save, and load code without a connection.

INPUT: CodeToGo also supports supplying input (ahead of time) for your program - Just hit the "Input (stdin)" tab to set the user input (separating each different input with a new line), then hit the code tab to go back to writing code.

Save and load your code - The current code for a given language is automatically saved for you, and you can also save and later load different files for each language. You can also save and load files from Dropbox, or transfer to and from your computer with iTunes File Sharing.

For faster programming, CodeToGo even adds an extra row of commonly used keys to the default keyboard. You can also customize this extra row by touching the "Settings" button at the top right of the initial language screen.

If you need to jump to a specific line in your program (the location of an error, perhaps), you can do that too! The "Goto line" button lets you type in a line number and jump to it.

And if you're doing web development, you can render the output of your program as HTML! After running your program, just hit the "Render as HTML" button to see what it would look like on a web page.

Full list of supported languages (and their corresponding extensions):
Ada (.adb) + syntax highlighting
Assembly (gcc - .s; nasm - .asm) + syntax highlighting
AWK (.awk) + syntax highlighting
Bash (.sh) + syntax highlighting
bc (.bc)
bf (.bf)
C (.c) + syntax highlighting
C99 Strict (.c) + syntax highlighting
C# (C Sharp - .cs) + syntax highlighting
C++ (.cpp) + syntax highlighting
C++0x (.cpp) + syntax highlighting
CLIPS (.cli)
Clojure (.clj)
COBOL (.cob)
COBOL 85 (.85.cob)
Common Lisp (.lisp) + syntax highlighting
D (.d) + syntax highlighting
Erlang (.hrl) + syntax highlighting
F# (.fs)
Factor (.factor)
Forth (.4th)
Fortran (.f) + syntax highlighting
Go (.go)
Groovy (.groovy)
Haskell (.hs) + syntax highlighting
HTML (.html) + syntax highlighting
Icon (.icn)
Intercal (.i)
Java (.java) + syntax highlighting
JavaScript (.js) + syntax highlighting
Lua (.lua) + syntax highlighting
Nemerle (.n) + syntax highlighting
Nice (.nice)
Nimrod (.nim)
Ocaml (.ml) + syntax highlighting
Oz (.oz)
Pascal (.pas) + syntax highlighting
Perl (Perl - .pl; Perl6 - + syntax highlighting
PHP (.php) + syntax highlighting
Pike (.pike)
Prolog (GNU -; SWI - + syntax highlighting
Python (Python - .py, Python3 - + syntax highlighting
R (.r) + syntax highlighting
Ruby (.ruby) + syntax highlighting
Scala (.scala) + syntax highlighting
Scheme (.scm)
Smalltalk (.st)
SQL (SQLite - .sql) + syntax highlighting
Tcl (.tcl) + syntax highlighting
Unlambda (.unl)
Visual Basic .NET (.vb)

Email comments, suggestions, bugs to nate AT pinkeh DOT com

What’s New

Version 2.1

- Updated for iOS 9

Ratings and Reviews

2.8 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

MacFonatic ,

Doesn’t work unless connected to Wi-Fi

This app is good for what it’s worth. Definitely a 5 star app except for a few issues. Some languages don’t seem to be working 100%, but the majority do without any issues. However what’s up with the internet connection issue? I have unlimited LTE/4G with my phone plan and can never practice coding with this except when I’m on Wi-Fi? Defeats the purpose of a phone-to-go coding app so loses 2 stars.

Older coder ,

Very handy app

I use C2G to run a Forth program I wrote to track my diet and use it every day, except when it says “Could not run! Are you connected to the internet?” I think this means that the server C2G runs on is down, or perhaps doing more important things, since my phone’s browser has no trouble connecting, and it is usually back up in a day or two. The ability to save my program to Dropbox also seems to have broken with IOS 10. Still, I’m not complaining too much. There is no other easy way to run a Forth program on my iPhone that I know of and I enjoy using it to play with new languages. Thanks for making it available!

e5c4p3artist ,

Java In Your Pocket!

I need to re-learn/learn more about Java. I am working through a course on Udemy.

I want to be able to learn on the go, anywhere! I can watch the lessons anywhere via the Udemy iPhone app. But to write programs, I don't carry my laptop around everywhere.

Enter this absolutely awesome app! I can work through a couple lessons a day while on a break from work, waiting to pickup a kid, while sitting in the rest....aurant. Anywhere!

But wait, there's more! This app doesn't only do Java. It allows you to write, compile, and run programs in almost any programming language!

The developer was quick to respond to some intial questions I had as well.

This app is absolutely worth the price and is priceless to those wanting to learn Java without the overhead of a laptop computer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing this. I hope gets updated as needed (for newer versions of iOS as well ad newer versions of the supported languages). I want to be able to use it forever!


Nathaniel Herman
3.2 MB

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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