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Незаменимый помощник при выборе красок, обоев, декоративных элементов. Отличный справочник для вашего ребенка. Да и просто удобный инструмент для повседневного использования. Хотите узнать как выглядит цвет Фуксия? Или Изумрудно-зеленый? Теперь вы носите базу данных цветов в вашем кармане.

Наглядно. Просто. Удобно.

- Встроенный помощник подбора Pantone цветов.
- Огромная база названий цветов.
- Поиск и просмотр базы данных цветов.
- Интуитивный интерфейс.

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Что нового

Версия 2.0.1

Вы просили - Мы сделали! Распознавание цветов в режиме реального времени с вашей камеры. Попробуйте - крутая штука!

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Оценок: 713

DarfNader ,

Not useful

I bought this to simply use my camera to measure color but the tools is so basic that it does no more that get the the raw color of the measured pixel on the ccd of your camera. ( I think it’s a tiny block of them, but you cannot change the measured sea, shape, etc...). Since it’s raw data for a tiny area and there is no way to get an average color of, say, a wall you’re trying to match paint for, this is not helpful at all. There is literally no processing to account for things like adjusting to lighting conditions or smoothing an area to get the mean color. Also, all photos just report as being a shade of “mint white” no matter what you provide. It’s crude as heck and not worth $0.99 let alone the $2.99 price tag. Oh yeah, Support doesn’t work. It just hangs so you can’t get you money back for this garbage.

9235S ,

Good, but needs some refinement

As a reference for color names, it’s great. I assume the names are correct-they seem to be. Are they taken from some standard?

The AR view needs work.

First, you need a cursor of some kind to indicate the spot being evaluated.

Second, I suggest you take an average of a group of pixels, like maybe 3x3, at least as an option. An irregular surface, illuminated at an angle will have some fine shadows which will result in adjacent pixels having different RGB values, even though they would be the same with head-on lighting.

Third, I suggest a freeze frame (without having to take a picture). Something similar to what some screen magnifiers do.

Fourth, need to be able to zoom in on a subject in a picture.

As things are now, the AR view is not very useful. Unless you have a rock steady grip, you have a constantly changing color name, and RGB values. The lack of a cursor makes a bad situation only worse.

Good luck!

1nucflash ,

Light Meter, DB meter, Color Name,I Shutdown

I love the ability to make in-app-purchases on my iPhone. The average purchases result in outstanding features and exquisite quality contained therein. When I made the 4 app bundle purchase I was profoundly flabbergasted . I was met with the lowest quality of very nearly any purchased apps I ever made. I will not miss the purchase price of $5 or $6 .
I will, however, always feel that I was in some measure duped and deceived. Kindly refund my money. It would be the conscionable and principled action to take. Thank you for your kindness in allowing me to express my thoughts on these matters.


Vlad Polyanskiy
11.8 МБ

Требуется iOS 9.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


русский, английский, немецкий



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