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Color Pixel Art Coloring Book

Ai living a hard life decided to leave for somewhere and got on a ship.
But the ship lost its way and was shipwrecked.
When the child opened his eyes he heard a voice calling for ‘Help’, there was an island that had lost its light and faded to grey.
Please return the light to the island that used to be so beautiful.

There are a lot of charming stories and pretty and cute pictures awaiting you on each floor.
Rest at Attiland and ease your day’s stresses and strains.
Whenever you complete a painting, you’ll meet cute animal friends and find happiness

Major function

- People, from children to adults, are sure to enjoy painting.
- Have fun with cute animals’ stories. Just like a story book.
- Watch the island gradually recovering its light as you complete each floor in order.
- Download the completed painting and keep it for yourself.
- You can color multiple cells at once using the paints that you can find close by with the same number as the cell you’ve selected.
- Use the hints to find the cells with same number.

Have a great time at Attiland

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평가 및 리뷰

221개의 평가

221개의 평가

the fanime ,

Fabulous Game!

I started playing this game with little to no expectations and I loved it in the end! I finished the game and now I’m left staring at my phone expecting to play a new level. Regardless, here are the pros and cons that I experienced!
Pros: fun to play, very satisfying, addictive, cute images, lovely color scheme, positive vibes, interesting side story line that does not interfere with the game itself
Cons: the maneuvers takes some getting use to, Kinda hurts your hand (it could be because I spend hours on this app tho), has very low sensitivity, every time you finish with a color you are jumped back to the beginning or the smallest number you have not completed yet (I find this quite annoying especially when you have to scroll back to where you were).

All in all, I just have issues with the maneuvers of the game. It does interfere with the experience but it does not take away too much. I enjoyed it. The ending was very nice too. 🥰


Developers better listen!

I really like the game but one detail is missing after the last update that makes this game unplayable! I don’t normally download pixel coloring apps but this one I loved because it was finally actually relaxing and fun to play all until the latest update that makes me have more anxiety than when I started playing. Big hint UNLIMITED HINTS! I hope I made this clear at the developers because everyone is stressing over the fact that you took away that relaxing feeling they feel when you play. Instead every time I log on I’m thinking to myself this is going to take a lot of work which makes me stressed! I think taking away those hints were just to gain some extra cash! I looked at your star review before and after the update. Before: 4.9 and After was: 4.3! There is a big difference between almost a 5 star and a 3 star review! Listen to the people not your wallet developers!

Edit: they still haven’t fixed the problems and I’m getting impatient about this app!

pristinepanda ,


This is a great color by number app. It has gorgeous pixel artwork and a charming story. The pieces take from just minutes to hours to complete. There’s good variety! If you like relaxing paint by number apps definitely check this one out. There are ads but they’re not intrusive while playing. It will keep you busy for a long time. My only very small complaint is I wish there was a progress bar for each color, especially on larger pieces where it’s hard to figure out where you’re missing color. I like to try finding it myself before hitting the tip icon, but if I knew it was just like one square I missed I wouldn’t bother trying to search for it as it’s almost impossible on the bigger ones.

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