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Easy send RGB Color components with your own URL, maybe useful for RGBW lamp, you have to write some script, can set some color background into web page.

Color sender lets you send a color after a touch inside the color wheel with your personal URL you specify it in setting.
Use this application for color setting of some RGB lamp and on/off function or setting something at web pages.

You can check this application with direct background color setting of html frame at web location :

First application screen shows available inputs as a list, you can edit list very classically, add or delete. An entry include a name and destination URL.

Destination URL must be edited before use with your own server. You include maximum 5 tags "%d" or "%02X" in the URL and set each parameters with some names for your convenience.
You will first provide a validation parameter (value 0 or 1) for stop button, and 3 parameters as red, green and blue color components, last param is slider value in 0..100 range.

URL form is :
- http://IP/xxx.php?s=%d&rR=%d&G=%d&B=%d&Y=%d (decimal values)
- http://IP/xxx.php?s=%d&color=%02X%02X%02X (hexa values) - add # if needed.
Color coding is 1 byte, numerical values are between decimal 0 and 255 (0xFF)and 0..100 for last value (slider).

Each hit on the wheel or onto the brightness slider make a call with the specified URL after parameters replacement and with "1" for the first parameter value.
A hit on the "stop" button set first parameter to "0" all other remind unchanged.

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Version 1.2

Adjusted for iOS 13 and more and new iPhone screen size.
Add a new parameter slider value, can easy used for RGBW lamp.

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