Colorful ABC (Nursery English Alphabets Flashcards for Kids | Montessori Education) Ratings and Reviews

2.5 out of 5
159 Ratings

159 Ratings

Girl who loves everyone ,


I could only go as far as L and then I had to pay for the rest. When I clicked on the letter expecting some sort of sound (to pronounce to letter), nothing came. Also, it would show short advertisements after clicked on a couple of letters. I was just looking for an app that showed me ALL of the alphabet to help my neice. I had seen some reviews saying the sound didn’t work and the creator just saying to reset and that’s not the case. My phone works perfectly fine, lots of storage left, cleared out my tabs, and I have shut it completely off and on. Nothing helped. I feel like the way they gave us only half of the alphabet to use isn’t very helpful. I understand that I can just use what is provided and just find another app for the rest but that shouldn’t have to be necessary. In MY opinion, there are other apps that so the same thing AND more and I will be choosing those apps. I was very disappointed in the outcome of this app and hope that it will be updated in the future to be more efficient.

Developer Response ,


The app is working fine. Some users email us and complain but at the end they find that their device is either muted or they had many apps running in the background. If that’s not your case you can contact us on the support email and we’d surely help you to troubleshoot the problem.

The app is provided free as a demo. There is a cost involved in creating and managing the apps. The main idea is that if you find it useful, consider buying it. After the purchase you won’t have to deal with ads and other useful features will also be unlocked.

Thanks for your time.

kaymsaw ,

Purchased the app and still the ads appear

I purchased the app from inside the free one. Then another screen appeared requiring confirmation of my credit card, which I thought weird because my card is on file with Apple App Store. So I closed the app, deleted it from my phone, rebooted the phone and then went to the App Store to my Purchased apps list and downloaded/installed it from there.

The app is still behaving as the free one did.

Rhawin ,


It’s not a bad app at all, but the ads are way too frequent for it to be a useful teaching tool. I understand the devs need money, but every 2-3 letters? My 3 year old gets distracted because the ads are always overly hyped mobile games with exciting action, and they’re always at least 5 seconds. Shame because it was otherwise a really nice, simple way to review the alphabet.

boysmom002 ,

Highly Upset

I loved this app for my 3yr old it was simple enough for him to learn he would press the letter and repeat after the person saying the letter I have purchased the full version and now it has stopped working I can no longer hear the voice of the person saying the alphabets. I have deleted, restarted my iPad still does not work. DISAPPOINTED!

Developer Response ,

You need to quit all apps from iPad and then restart your device. It can happen to any iOS app if the device is running low on memory.

Honesty4ALL ,

Wildly inappropriate

It amazes me that there would be an app out there that’s “free” but you need to pay for no ads. Otherwise the apps priority is to bombard you with ads every 3-4 letters or swipes on the screen. So instead of helping teach my child without interruption, I’m forced to be interrupted with random ads. Baffling how people can make an app for kids but make ad revenue a priority over learning.

Developer Response ,

The free app is provided as a demo to actually see the content and make a decision to buy. It is absolutely not advisable to practice on kids without purchasing.

AbelTiffauges ,

Good for children

App is well made and the cards are good for kids to learn the alphabet. However, I miss that you can choose the sounds letters make. I would also be nice to have examples of words that start with the chosen letter.

Solimar Screwton ,


I thought what good this app could do but showing it to my son for a few times made him interested in it and he’s now trying to speak.

Kadraya Cristol ,

More writing styles

There should be more than one writing style because children needs to recognize other shapes for the same letter.

Developer Response ,

Check our other apps, they have such functionality.

Shakria Basili ,

One time purchase

One time purchase is the best and I appreciate the developer for giving out this app almost for free.

Shequita Rosborough ,

My son’s first book of ABC

I don’t know how but it works. When my son was learning to say mama, this app taught him few alphabets very easily.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for appreciation.