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The software allows, according to the data you enter, to:

- Calculate your surfaces automatically
- Knowing the thickness of the composite
- Know the approximate cost price of your part
- Prepare the quantities of resins by weight or volume
- Know the weights of different reinforcements, gelcoat, additives, resins, fillers, souls, etc ...
- Know the exact density of the finished part and also more precisely each element or group of elements
- Know the mass and volume percentages of the elements of the room

The software is useful for the establishment of specifications, quotes or just to know how much resin you need to prepare to make your parts piece. You can adapt some more complex data like densities or even products in the database.

Its use is simple and intuitive, many data are inserted automatically as the densities or the prices which you thus avoid tedious searches.

To know: The prices were voluntarily chosen in the average high so as not to have a bad surprise during the manufacture.


Version 5.5.8

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