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The perfect app to count your labour contractions, their duration and intervals during the last stage of your pregnancy to know when to go to hospital to give birth

Contraction timer is the perfect app to count your labour contractions, their duration and intervals during the last stage of your pregnancy week by week to know when to go to hospital to give birth.
If you would like to monitor your contractions during your pregnancy in order not to be looking on the timer, waiting with paper and pen, this is your contraction timer app.

How does the contraction timer work?
You probably have questions like:
What is a contraction? What do contractions feel like? How long do contractions last? What are the symptoms of labor contractions? How do I know that I have pregnancy contractions?
Apart from counting contraction and intervals, we will help you to know more about pregnancy, contraction pains and everything you should know about this topic.
It is very easy to use:
1.- Once you have downloaded the app, you will see that there are various options in the main menu: the contraction counter, the contraction tracker and tips.
2.- Contraction counter: This is the main tool of one of the best pregnancy apps. Therewith, you can count and register your contractions. Based on the contractions and their intervals the app detects, it can inform you when you should go to hospital for delivery. Whether you have contractions every 10 minutes, every 5 minutes, etc., it is important to write them down.
3.- Contraction tracker: Here you will find a summary of everything you have registered so that you can keep track of all your contractions. You might have contractions without pain during your pregnancy (or even false contractions) you don't notice, but don't worry, the important ones will be those in the final stage of pregnancy.
3.- Tips and tricks: Here you will find some articles we have prepared to help you at this stage of pregnancy. Different types of labour pain symptoms, how to identify them, how to time contractions, stages of pregnancy, etc.

Main characteristics of the app contraction timer:
* Contraction tracker, contraction counter and tips: An all-in-one app to help you in the final stage of your pregnancy.
* No matter if you have uterine contractions or braxton hicks contractions, this pregnancy tracker app will be very helpful to count and monitor them.
* This app is not a pregnancy calendar or pregnancy calculator. Its purpose is to help you count the kicks during all stages of labor.

Informative note: This contraction app is an informative app and it should not be considered as 100 % true under no circumstances, due to the fact that it is based on estimations and is no medical or scientific test.


Versión 1.0

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,6 de 5
86 valoraciones

86 valoraciones

Skarlenroa88 ,

La mejor

Súper útil en el momento mas importante de tu vida. La recomiendo con los ojos cerrados

Bobina jones ,

Like parts of it but ads were too much

I liked that i could have multiple sessions as I had issues with braxton hicks contractions during my pregnancy. However, ads were constantly popping up and they were the ‘mini’ games where they would have to load before I could return to the app. It was so annoying-especially when you don't feel well- to the point that I chose to use a different app altogether

Sammmmieee109 ,

Nope. Worthless

The fact that I could be having a contraction NOW and you have to watch an ad every single time tho open this stupid app— makes it completely worthless.

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