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Megumi Isozaki


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Copycan / Clipboard

“Copycan / Clipboard" is a clipboard extension and clipboard management application for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) using iOS 10 or later.

Copycan is recording all text copied from the iOS device. Each recorded copy operation is retained on a separate line in Copycan’s main list, effectively creating multiple clipboards.

This clipboard extension and management tool will quickly become an essential productivity improvement application for all your iOS devices. Copycan is easily intelligible and intuitively operated immediately after download and installation.

Basic operation:

When started, Copycan’s main list appears.

The main list will be populated with whatever is currently on the device clipboard.

If Copycan is in record mode the color for the list will be red, and Copycan is ready to record text copy operations from any application (browser, mail, word processor, anything!).

In stop mode the color for the list is yellow, tapping the red, round “REC” button at the top center will change to record mode and Copycan is ready to record text copy operations from any application.

At any time, return to Copycan to review the items copied to the main list. Any listed item may be selected for recopy to the device clipboard, ready to be pasted into another application.


The Copycan doesn't work on another apps in background of iOS device .


バージョン 2.8.6

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- Fitting New architecture





Overall Very Good

A big plus is the ability to open URL Schemes but the one drawback is the fact of no share extension.
It was good to see the update


Very Good

Great App, just wish Apple wouldn't auto timeout after 10 mins.


Fantastic app

I love this app as much as I love it's younger brother CopyCan Lite (available for free in the App Store). Fundamentally the apps work the same way. They each copy and paste and store the pasted data for future use so you can access it with the press of a button. Go to new, then paste what you've copied, then go the main screen where you'll see it on a list, then check it off and move it to a folder by clicking on the folder icon at the upper right of the screen. There are no limits to the number you can store. This version of the app has a recording feature that allows you to copy continuously for three minutes. Then you have to restart the recording. I've found it extremely useful for all kinds of information such as passwords. With this app you can permanently store the data you copy and access it later with the press of a button that copies to your clipboard,enabling you to paste it wherever its needed. Once you use it you'll wonder how you got by without it. You don't have to use the recording feature if you don't want to. You can simply follow the instructions above and store information. It's one of the most useful apps I have. It's great!!!


デベロッパである"Megumi Isozaki"は、プライバシー慣行およびデータの取り扱いについての詳細をAppleに示していません。




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