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CoreData+ 是一个针对iOS/OSX开发者的强大的探针工具,实时查看正在运行的APP中的数据,实体类代码自动生成,多种数据格式导入导出功能。

Feature 1:探测数据(无论设备还是模拟器)
通过链接Probe SDK库到你的Xcode工程,实时查看CoreData数据在运行的App上。这在在一些测试场景下非常有用。

Feature 2:数据管理Predicate
随时方便地进行数据增加 删除 测试数据随机生成。

Feature 3:实体模型代码自动生成

Feature 4:数据导入导出
支持 sql,json,csv,xml,plist 格式数据导入导出。支持MySQL格式sql导入。

注意:1)实时管理设备上的CoreData前,需要先下载SDK 链接到您的App。也可以下载我们的demo先测试。
2)需要iOS/OSX App跟 CoreData+ App 处于同一网段。


任何意见 请反馈至


版本 1.3.4

Update XXXProbeIOS.framework For iOS8 compatibility problems


1.5(满分 5 分)
4 个评分

4 个评分


Definitely needs work

You have to link in a framework to use this so that it can “see” changes to the database made by CoreData. It’s slow. Xcode and CoreData+ both become unresponsive for many seconds at a time. It’s even worse with breakpoints set. Also 57 warnings after adding the framework to a new Xcode/Swift project, so my continuous integration analysis and testing are never going to pass. Worst of all, it seems to have broken something in my project after removing it.


Doesn't work for me.

It said to go to the developers wewbstie for instructions on how to use it - strike one.

The decvlopers website is unresponsive - no help available - strike two

Came here, and other comments indicate problems and no replies apparent from developer - strike three.

Avoid for now.


to much setup

I didn’t get it to load any data - but I did get it to run against my coredata-model/sqllite data store. Just didn’t display any data to work with. Ya move away from the libsqlite3.dylib and use libsqlite3.tbd i’m guessing (app store is regeting apps using libsqlite3.dylib, I hear) . I‘m sure it works fine with older version of xcode, but even following every instruction exactly, all I could do was get it to load my model without data - and to test I use FLEX to profile the app while running, and there were 1000’s of rows of data where you app said it was blank. I really could have used it today….. Giving it three stars because the concept is good. Just gottta make it easy to use. There are better free tools.

App 隐私

开发者ZHANG HAIYAN尚未向 Apple 提供其隐私惯例和数据处理相关的详细信息。有关更多信息,请参阅开发者隐私政策


开发者下一次提交 App 更新时将需要提供隐私详细信息。


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