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2015 iTunes Staff Pick!

- Learn the secrets of your personality and destiny
- Find out how compatible you are with your loved one, family, and friends
- Build a comprehensive list of all your relationships and their ratings
- Delete a profile at any time by swiping over the profile name
- Use at parties or share with friends via email

Birth Star
The Birth Star is a symbol, in vivid color, of your individuality, using the numbers derived from your birth date and birth name. It is intended to inspire you, motivate you to live up to your potential, as well as to allow you to get in touch with hidden desires.

To get your Birth Star, Enter your name at birth if you know it, and your birth date. You will then receive a graphical rendering of your numerology chart in the form of a star. Each segment of the star represents an aspect of you. Tap on a star segment to reveal a full explanation about that aspect and the number that corresponds with it.

In numerology, all numbers can be reduced down to the numbers 1 through 9, 11, and 22. 11 and 22 are considered Master Numbers. They suggest an added potential or power in some individuals.

Tap the Share button to read your entire numerological chart all at once, if you prefer; in addition you can email the chart to whomever you choose to share it with.

All Birth Star and Compatibility results are saved to a Profiles area. You can delete a profile at any time by swiping over the profile name in the profile list.

There are many factors that affect compatibility, from how personally content someone is, to how much money they may have in the bank, to the planetary placements in their astrological charts.

The Cosmic Mates charts are not wholly conclusive guides to compatibility, so don't be too disturbed if you and your mate don't end up with a score as high as you would hope for. However, if you take the time to read the definitions of the numbers associated with each person, you may begin to understand some of the reasons why your have or have not been able to get along with one another.

Your relationship is assigned a certain level of compatibility based on your birth star and that of the person with whom you are paired. Eight ratings are possible, with Level Eight being the rating of highest compatibility.

Point of View
You may notice when using this app that the rating of your compatibility with another person depends heavily on which person you enter first in the pairing. If you enter yourself first, for example, your compatibility calculation is based on the pairing from your point of view. If you were to switch the parties so that the other person is first, the rating results are from that person’s point of view. In some cases, you will get different ratings, which might explain why sometimes one person might have an easier time with the relationship than the other person, and vice versa.


Version 1.7

- minor bug fixes
- performance improvements

Notes et avis

5.0 sur 5
2 notes

2 notes

MelissaDifigs ,


This app completely changed my thinking about numerology. It's so accurate it's scary!

wannasurf ,


You start with one entry, and's hard not to add in everyone you know! Exes, family, friends, former friends...very fun. I like that it's not all "good news", that in each description it also tells you traits to look out for. I also like that for each aspect (personality, destiny, etc.) even if they have the same number, there are different descriptions - clearly a lot of thought has gone into this app. Plus it's easy to use & clever (I like the spinning numbers while it calculates) I do wish it explained what the different "levels" are - it tells you a 6 is "one of the best" but is that 6 out of 8 or out of 10 or...? (btw, my BFF & I were rated as a Level 8 in Friends...& the description of level 8 is "B.F.F.!")

happioca ,

Fun but makes you think

I like that I can delete profiles by just swiping over the person's name in the profiles list. That makes me feel like I can protect my friends' privacy. That's kind of an issue these days for some people, maybe not so much for others. I put my husband and I in, and we didn't score high on compatibility. Well guess what, we do have to work pretty hard to get our relationship on the right footing; it doesn't mean we shouldn't be together. You know, it's just a fun app but it makes you think too.

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