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Cube Escape: Case 23 — это пятый эпизод в серии Cube Escape и часть истории Rusty Lake.

В роли детектива Дейла Вандермера расследуйте необычную смерть молодой женщины: соберите все улики на месте преступления, проанализируйте свои находки и отправьтесь в странное место. Вы поможете Дейлу найти путь к Ржавому озеру?

Cube Escape: Case 23 — это пятый эпизод в серии Cube Escape и часть истории Rusty Lake. Мы будем раскрывать загадки Ржавого озера шаг за шагом, подписывайтесь на нас @rustylakecom.

Что нового

Версия 4.1

Спасибо, что играли в Cube Escape: Case 23! В этой новой версии мы исправили некоторые баги.

Оценки и отзывы

4,8 из 5
Оценок: 776

Оценок: 776

chiquitasbananna ,

My favorite installment so far!

*Minor spoilers* I started the Cube Escape series last week by randomly by searching for a puzzle game and found The Cave. I loved it so much that I downloaded all the free ones and have been playing them in order. This is the first review of these games for me. Case 23 came very easy to me to solve the puzzles (maybe because I’m getting the hang of it?) and the slider games were cake for me. Personally, it’s my favorite because I liked the build up with the suspense with the limited-time portion. I can see why some people are not a fan of that, especially those with disabilities. Still, overall, I think there’s ample time to complete for most people.

I’ll play these games during the day, but I really enjoy playing at night, in the dark for optimum creep factor, and boy am I glad I was doing just that with this one! I’ll be moving on to The Mill tomorrow. I like that they developed the hint system in The Cave (maybe sooner, but remember, I’ve only played through Case 23 AND The Cave). Now I’m considering buying the Premium ones once I finish the free ones.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for the awesome review, chiquitasbananna! We appreciate your support and, we hope you'll enjoy the other games in the Rusty Lake universe as well! Also we have some good news: we'll be adding a hint system in all our Cube Escape games in an update coming in the next couple of weeks :)

Czech-it-out! ,

A good case of fun

These cube escapes just keep getting better. Case 23, with its 4 chapters, combines several elements from the previous four games. Each scenario is so unique, I feel like I’ve actually played four games in one. I don’t always understand the exact logic of the storyline, but the characters and actions are so horrifically captivating that I find myself smiling as I wonder what bizarrely gross thing will be jumping out at me next. And the puzzles are simply fun to solve; not every item’s implementation always makes complete sense, but there always seems to be a strangely intuitive logic about their use. I was a little put off at first by the fourth chapter’s timer, but a few passes paying specific attention to individual parts and I managed to get it with a surprising level of satisfaction. These cube escape games are absolutely some of the uniquely best ones I’ve played, an even bigger feat considering how little space they take up. I can’t wait to see what weird twist comes in the next installment.😁

Ответ разработчика ,

We're so happy to hear you've enjoyed the investigation into Rusty Lake! Thank you so much for your support and we hope you'll check out our latest release: Samsara Room :)

Chef Momacaroni ,


This is a great series. Challenging, smart, thoughtful, creepy, ironic, fun, intriguing-I could go on & on here. Get the entire series - it has a surreal story line yet it makes total sense. It is very immersive-once you start playing you really get sucked into this somewhat bizarre world. There is a stark quality of loneliness to this series yet, it too, works by creating this foreboding atmosphere where pretty much anything can happen. When I see developers like this, I want to shake their hands and say thank you. Games like these acknowledge that some of us have a brain in our head and actually want to use it. Puzzles require very out of the box (or should I say Cube!) thinking. They are definitely not the same old, tired puzzles that other developers hash out, over and over again. The story with it's creepy atmosphere and somewhat lost, lonely characters speak to our fears AND our hearts giving us a very nicely multilayered game series. THANK YOU and keep 'em coming!

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