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Cube Escape: Theatre — это седьмой эпизод в серии Cube Escape и часть истории Rusty Lake.

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Cube Escape: Theatre — это седьмой эпизод в серии Cube Escape и часть истории Rusty Lake. Мы будем раскрывать загадки Ржавого озера шаг за шагом, подписывайтесь на нас @rustylakecom.

Что нового

Версия 3.1

Спасибо, что играли в Cube Escape: Theatre! В этой новой версии мы исправили некоторые баги.

Оценки и отзывы

4,9 из 5
Оценок: 913

Оценок: 913

DelleeComeOn ,

Some of the best games I've ever played

I'm so glad to have stumbled across these Cube Escape games. I have played games like The Room, and I believe they are right up there in terms of enjoyment. Of course they have different looks, but similar premises in solving multiple puzzles to complete the game. Puzzles that really make use of your brain.
In Cube Escape, these are some of the most creative puzzle-solving games I have ever played. A lot of fun. And even more enjoyable was the definite creepiness involved as well. It might be too scary or disturbing for some, but it just made it so much more interesting and involved. There was a semblance of a story. The scenes of each "cube", along with the puzzles, were very surreal, which is what makes you really think outside of the box.
I highly enjoyed these games, and will continue to check back for more. :D

Czech-it-out! ,

What an act!

These cube escape games just keep ramping it up with each new chapter. The puzzles are characteristically interesting and fairly clever, but it’s the bizarro storyline and often unexpectedly gruesome scenarios that have me almost craving the next installment. Theatre has all this, plus a bit more character interaction and some nice music to boot. Once again I find myself caught between horror and giggling while I stare in disbelief at some artfully disturbing imagery as I tumble down this rabbit-hole of “What the heck?!”. I guess I’ll continue enjoying the ride as I download the next one and brace myself for some more mental mayhem. Kudos to Rusty Lake!

sooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,

Great game, needs some work.

It’s a really entertaining game, sure, but WHAT ORDER DO THEY GO IN?!?!?!? I can’t find the order they go in. Also, I’m really frustrated because you actually have to download another app to keep playing and it’s really annoying. I’ve played the paradox one too, I just didn’t finish it. I’m super super confused on where it starts, what to do, how to do it... so yeah. I don’t understand it. Where is the setting, what am I trying to do, who am I, who’s the girl... other than that the puzzles are super super fun and entertaining and if you don’t mind being confused and left out in some stuff, it’s an awesome game. My suggestion is to maybe put the number of the order on the game in the App Store so I can download them in order and understand the game more. And whoever came up with these puzzles are a genius. Great game!!

Ответ разработчика ,

Hi thanks for your comment and compliments! This is the chronological order we suggest playing: Seasons, The Lake, Arles, Harvey's Box, Case 23, The Mill, Hotel, Birthday, Theatre, Roots, The Cave, Paradise, Paradox, The White Door.

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