Daily Habits est un assistant essentiel pour adopter de nouvelles habitudes ou conserver celles qui existent déjà. Daily Habits vous aide à organiser, maintenir et effectuer le suivi des bonnes habitudes tout en éliminant celles à l’impact négatif ou nuisible. Il s’agit d’un outil réellement facile à adapter et à utiliser. Créez des groupes choisis sur base d’intérêts similaires, invitez votre famille ou vos amis, partagez vos progrès et discutez dans l’application. Parcourez les statistiques de vos progrès personnels et guidez votre application via le Today Widget ou l’Apple Watch.

Développez une hygiène de vie saine jour après jour. Fini les discours. Place à l’action.

Fonctionnalités principales :

• Travaillez sur vos habitudes via le Today Widget
• Restez connecté via l’Apple Watch
• Bibliothèque d’habitudes intégrée
• Rappels utiles
• Programmation flexible
• Habitudes personnalisables
• Paramètres spéciaux pour mettre fin aux mauvaise habitudes
• Définissez des objectifs et évaluez l’ampleur des progrès
• Suivez vos progrès avec des statistiques précises
• Créez des groupes et partagez vos progrès
• Archivez les habitudes acquises
• Menu 3D Touch pour un accès rapide

La version Pro offre :

• Intégration avec le calendrier
• Verrouillage par mot de passe avec support Touch ID
• Statistiques élargies
• Synchronisation entre appareils iOS


Version 1.5

• Improved app loading speed
• Added dark mode support for widgets
• Added support for 11" and 12.9" iPad Pro
• Updated ads configuration

Notes et avis

4.4 sur 5
263 notes

263 notes

DuckeeDuck ,

Fantastic Habit Tracker

I've only written maybe two reviews for apps before (too much hassle!) but I had to for this one. I've used other habit tracking apps in the past, with limited success, but have been using this app for a few months now and it is GREAT. The simplicity and ease of use, coupled with variety of options really helps me tailor my list of goals and tackle them on a daily basis. It's never too late to start a new, healthy practice (or wean yourself off of old, bad habits, which this app can help you track, too!).

Tiny suggestions: A starter tool/replay-able interactive "intro" that points out functions to new users (I stumbled upon most of the features on my own, even after reading available instructions - you guys have done great work! Make sure people know about it!), and maybe some color themes. Ooh, and achievements and maybe occasional habit-forming or benefits tips for motivation would be rad!

One other thing; I can't seem to get my watch app to function. Anytime I tap on it, I get the message that I have "no actions," which isn't correct (I've accessed at various points of "completeness" of my daily tasks). I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, but no luck. Bummer!

Mrs. Coach D ,

Decent but needs improvement

Overall the app is pretty good for tracking habits but it does need a few improvements. I have spent a lot of time creating different habits with my own pictures. It would be nice if you could restart the same habit again rather than having to fully delete it and create it again. Archive and unarchiving a habit doesn’t allow the option to restart so all statistics from the past are still there and it will not allow you to change the start date once you started a habit at some point.

Also, if you have your habits broken into times of the day, you have to scroll through all the earlier times of a day to get to your next habit that needs completion. It would be helpful if you could use times of day but have the option for all completed habits for the day to show at the bottom and only incomplete habits remain up top.

Another feature that would be helpful is to be able to swipe between the the different habits you are tracking in calendar view. Rather than having to go to a drop down to see different habits, instead being able to swipe left to right to switch between habits. I would think a simple arrow for calendar months would be better than that being what is changed on a swipe.

billipo ,

Not perfect, but it's versatile

I like many of the features the creator put into this app. Being able to share progress is kinda cool, and the actual connection process works easily. I wish habit notifications were a little louder and more persistent in the lock screen. The way it is, I always worry that I'm going to miss a reminder. Also, the app badge number only reflects that you need to update something. It doesn't put a 2 if you have two reminders, just a 1.

Export to calendar is another nice feature, but there's no default alert set to those events and no way to set one, that I can see. Overall, it's a really good stab at a habit forming app. Hopefully the creator will put some more work into it and add some features.

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