Enter the Dominion and fight for your life with hundreds of other players in this fast paced roguelike cooperative bullet-hell shooter! Take on the role of 7 different classes and together with your companions use their unique abilities to traverse and conquer the lands that were once left dormant and peaceful, that is until the power of an angry god scattered dangerous creatures across the beautiful landscapes in an attempt to clear you out! Don't take this sitting down, or do! Play anywhere with your friends today and take back the dominion!

What Can You Expect?

● Fast paced gameplay
● Unique character classes
● Multiple dungeons with different mechanics
● Intense boss fights
● Dozens of players by your side at any time
● A vibrant player-based economy

Please Remember!
Darza’s Dominion is a completely free game, but to keep the game running In-App Purchases are available to compensate for the costs of maintaining a steady stream of content and running the game servers. These purchases will offer quality of life or cosmetic bonuses such as:

● Small pet companions to follow your character around
● Skins to make your character look unique
● Bonus character slots so you don’t have to kill your current character to experience a different class
● Extra vaults to store more loot!

What’s New

Version 2.6

Additions And Changes

+ Max players in a dominion changed from 75 -> 60
+ Increased parties of 3+ drop rates in dungeons
+ Added a setting to block requests out of the nexus
+ Added a setting to close all menus when you take damage
+ Added a setting to draw joysticks
+ Added a setting to increase view range
+ Added settings to customize quick chats
+ Juggernaut armor changed from 25 -> 30
+ Armor now applies to shielded damage
+ Paladin armor per level changed to always be 0
+ Major bosses now scale their health depending on the party
+ Asuras now drop their correlating skin
+ Added Nomad challenge
- Discover 100,000 tiles (100 gold)
- Discover 1,000,000 tiles (500 gold)
- Discover 10,000,000 tiles (1,000 gold)
+ Added Anomoly tiers
- Achieve 5,000 live glory (500 gold)
- Achieve 10,000 live glory (1,000 gold)
- Achieve 20,000 live glory (2,000 gold)
+ Added another challenge shield tier
+ Added a confirmation to character slot purchases (Are you sure?)
+ Redesigned trade and guild requests to be unobtrusive
+ Removed Empowerment buff from staves
+ Redesigned Minor Events
+ Overhauled the looting system
+ Reduced most boss armor from 60 -> 30, and 80 -> 40
+ Wyrm Rider
- Ability now life steals from the tethered enemy
- Dex and Atk max changed from 70 -> 65
+ Vault and Nexus redesigned
+ Vault Chests now stay in the position you bought them in
+ Added a /pm command to communicate with anyone in game
- Usage "/pm Juix Hello!"
- The first quick chat option will default to the last player you were messaging: /pm 'PlayerName'
+ Bow of Cadaverous Greed and Bow of the Scarborough Hunt changed
- Damage 350 - 450 (400) -> 300 - 400 (350)
- Rate of Fire 30% -> 50%
+ Ominous Bow damage changed from 60 - 90 (75) -> 55 - 85 (70)
+ Top Bow damage changed from 65 - 80 (72.5) -> 65 - 75 (70)
+ Assassin max Dex changed from 50 -> 60
+ Demon Jowl Axe damage changed from 80 - 120 (100) -> 65 - 120 (92.5)
+ All top tier Axes buffed
+ Giant Slayer Axe damage changed from 420 - 650 (535) -> 480 - 700 (590)
+ UT Whip now drops from the Great Eagle
+ Removed the perma-paralyze mechanic from Asura's Priestess
+ Ice Cavern generation changed reduce empty space
+ Added more cloth colors
+ Added a christmas pet, "Red-Nosed Reindeer"
+ Added a christmas Legendary skin
+ Tile blend and shadows now automatically switch off during low performance
+ Reworked all mountain enemy behaviors, adjusted spawn rates
+ Changed revive discount to apply for 2 hours after death
+ Chasm of Dread dungeon added
+ Added 1 to 1 chat while in a trade
+ All Gems now stack up to 2

Bug Fixes

+ Fixed the disconnects while standing next to objects
+ Fixed iOS 11 corner gesture issues
+ Server stability improvements
+ Fixed player tooltip to accurately show player challenge level
+ Fixed a bug when leaving a guild it would still show you in the guild until you relogged
+ Added a timeout when connecting, fixing infinite loading
+ Fixed projectiles not registering after swapping a weapon
+ Circling enemies do not leave the circle pathing after a paralyze
+ Only Officer+ can invite in guilds

Ratings and Reviews

3.9 out of 5
338 Ratings

338 Ratings

JohnCortland ,

Dear Juix

First of all, amazing job. This is a game that will keep me entertained indefinitely, as soon as I think I’m getting bored BAM I die or a new dungeon pops up or something. It’s a perfect game for people like me with kids who might only have an hour or so to play at night after I lay them down. Here are a couple of requests I have, things I think would add to the overall quality of the game. First, some kind of mechanic to unstack gems. This would be a huge QofL improvement. Second, a larger trade interface. Perhaps a kiosk that holds up to 32 items, both players can put in up to 32 items to make large trades with. The current system breeds scamming when your trying to buy or sell something valuable, such as Divine HP rings. Third, it would be nice to have Vault collectibles, such as pets that roam idle in the vault, or trophy’s (Great Eagle head) for getting last hits, completing challenges etc. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and thank you for producing a game that takes my time!

The Honest Reviewer 👌🏽 ,

The Most Honest Review for Darza.

⛓For the short answer this game is really good not pay to win, not unfair and has a lot of content coming ,but hasn’t had a update for around 6 months but will soon. ⛓ So I’ve been playing Darza for a year on and off. This game is ❌NOT❌pay to win you can buy nothing in the item shop or pet shop that gives you a super advantage. The UI and sprite work is done very nicely and has a real nice look to it that gives it a semi-visual difference from ROTMG. This game is ⚠️NOT⚠️ as fast paced as ROTMG which is nice. All around for a free to play game this is really a hidden gem 💎. The people who say disconnects are a thing are all from the past. I’ve never in a year experienced a crash 😂. The only BAD thing of this game is UPDATES ⚠️ this game hasn’t had a major update in half a year ,but the DEVELOPER is planning a major update changing the whole look and adding 3x the content it already has. This game will be amazing ❤️👌🏽

Sonikee! ,

Rinse and repeat.

I absolutely love this game! Very, very player based gameplay, with the trading, guilds, and in some cases the dungeons. Although it does take time to get a hang of the game, characters and, attack patterns, it will build you up and tear you down. In my experience it just makes it that much more rewarding although once you are able to get ahold of all the mechanics. So you’re probably thinking, ‘So why’s that a four star review then?’, well, unfortunately the game hasn’t had a proper update in such a long time! It’s such a shame cause the game has such potential, once you learn all the attack patterns and whatnot it becomes the same thing over and over and o- you get the just of it! New and old players are the ones fueling this game and I’m afraid they will leave with out updates! IGN (In game name) Sonikee, give me a hello if you see me.


JuixGames, LLC
94.2 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
© 2017 JuixGames, LLC
In-App Purchases
  1. 100 Gold $0.99
  2. 500 Gold $4.99
  3. 1,100 Gold $9.99


  • Game Center

    Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements.

  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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