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With DConnect DAB app you can manage your installations wherever you are.
Now with a new look with clearer and more easily readable information.
DConnect is the new DAB cloud service that allows you to remotely control your installations, in real time and wherever you are. It is possible to control pressurisation and water management pumps, and heating or air conditioning circulators.


Versione 2.10.0

DClub QRCode feature: available only to users registered as DClub members. Allows you to accumulate bonus points by framing the specific DClub QRCode located externally on DAB devices participating in this service.

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2,4 su 5
7 valutazioni

7 valutazioni

Who66t ,



lumenbeing ,


Absolutely useless just like the other “DAB Live” app. Once you get your device connected on this app with direct connect, you cant do anything else, and then you can’t connect it via the cloud. The other app does not see a device that was direct connected with this one and it is impossible to ise because the wifi networks are not displayed. Another product sold at a premium price on the promise of smartphone connectivity which utterly fails to fulfill that promise.

Nigherjones ,

Worked on my phone and was able to update several pumps to the new UI

Worked on my phone; however, they have constantly prompt you to use the DConnect portal online instead of the application. I’m not sure the application is even necessary, except for the Bluetooth connectivity to configure it initially. Hard to see how you can get the pump connected to the Internet or updated without the use of this app on a phone or tablet with Bluetooth. DAB mini has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so it’s possible you could directly connect to the pump with it’s integrated Wi-Fi hotspot to configure it (and update it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and connect it to your buildings Wi-Fi. If you intend on using the cloud services provided you likely realize that this app is inferior in most ways, the web portal, as it turns out, the “ historical analysis” button inside the app opens up the DConnect portal webpage, it is much easier to view on the actual DConnect portal either on a smart phone or a computer. I’m not sure if direction section works with the online web portal likely does not, and never will. This is likely to Further incentivize, paying for a contract and cloud services through the company. Regardless, user error is usually the problem and getting the pump to connect to the app. Use a different device, or if the app fails to pull the installation configuration from the pump manually connect to the integrated hotspot, and then returned the app and try again. Hope this helps anyone who read this and bumps. They review back up from one star because of one user in the land of the Shire!

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