Delicious Bed & Breakfast 4+

Декор, истории и головоломк‪и‬


Разработано для iPad

    • 4,7 • Оценок: 9,9 тыс.
    • Бесплатно
    • Включает встроенные покупки

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После успешного покорений кулинарных вершин, Эмили из серии игр Delicious готова к новым приключениям. Помоги ей и Патрику отремонтировать и построить лучшую гостиницу!

Пришло время выпустить своего внутреннего дизайнера! Отремонтируй старую усадьбу и преврати ее в уютное место отдыха. Играй в Match 3 игры, решай дизайнерские вопросы, украшай сад и готовься встречать гостей, чьи истории полны тайн и романтики.

Играй в игру Delicious Bed & Breakfast:
∙ Помоги Эмили обновить и обустроить гостиницу Delicious B&B!
∙ Участвуй в ежемесячных тематических дизайн-сезонах!
∙ Отремонтируй усадьбу!
∙ Отреставрируй старый сад!
∙ Встречай новых гостей и узнай их таинственные и любовные истории!
∙ Играй в сотни разных и сложных Match 3 игр!
∙ Построй собственную историю!

Delicious Bed & Breakfast — это бесплатная игра с возможностью внутриигровых покупок.

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Версия 1.36.2

Мы счастливы сообщить, что в очередном обновлении тебя ждет новая система коллекций. Играй, чтобы собрать все фрагменты фотографий, заполнить альбомы и узнать историю Эмили. Первая коллекция отправляет нас в тот момент, когда Эмили предстояло принять непростое решение: оставить ли все ради любви?
В будущих обновлениях появятся новые альбомы!
А еще скоро Эмили и Патрику понадобится твоя помощь в подготовке Пейдж к школе — не пропусти!

Оценки и отзывы

4,7 из 5
Оценок: 9,9 тыс.

Оценок: 9,9 тыс.

JacquesBastille ,

I LOVE this game!

I have also played every Emily’s game and loved them all, so I was excited when this came out. I was however, hesitant, when I saw that it was a match-3. I love (or should I say used to love match-3s), but I have played so many, that they’re getting quite boring. This game combines the match-3 with the story telling and “designing” your own little world, so there’s so much to do and look forward to. The match-3 part is really different than most others; it’s challenging, but not boring. It’s also not so challenging that you can’t beat the levels, given enough chances. I don’t know what level I’m on (pretty high though) and I’ve had to play some levels 15 times before I win, but eventually you do get the winning combination of pieces and moves. Whenever I say, “this level cannot be beat!”, I always end up beating it). I just wish the story would come out faster. Whenever a new chapter is released, I play it right away, because I have so many diamonds saved up. I don’t like having that part “resolved” by the long wait times to complete each task. Regardless, this is one of two or three games that I play daily, without fail, and I love it!!!

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for your awesome feedback! We’re happy to be bringing you so much joy and we’ll be sure to keep the fun going. 🤩

LDMT23 ,

You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

So you decided to eliminate the harvesting and the pets, well, what happens to all the diamonds I’ve invested buying all the plants and pets, then? Are you going to give them back to me? To all of us? Because you should! I could have saved them all and use them for the storyline, had I known you were going to do this. I’m not sure I’m going to continue to play this game, what the heck was that?!

*Updated after they gave me a ridiculous answer and removed another star because of that. Basically they said “Great question!” (Which they never answer!) “We made se changes because we listened to your feedback. You can now change the backgrounds as much as you like”. First of all, you could do that months ago, they they got greedy and started to charge you for that. Second, not sure whose feedback they listened to, I never got a poll or questionnaire of any sort. Most importantly, they completely ignored my question and gave me this cookie cutter reply, so they think I’m stupid or illiterate? I still want to know if they plan of giving us back all the diamonds we invested in upgrading and buying the features they arbitrarily removed, that could have been used for the stories, had we known they were going to get rid of that part of the game and we would lose all those diamonds. I think I should delete this game.

Ответ разработчика ,

Good question! 😊 We listened to your feedback and decided to make the seasons LONGER and the rewards BIGGER. Your stations have been turned into decorations that you can change up to your liking. Find out more about the new special season in our FAQs: Enjoy!

aharp36 ,

Buying plants to create more fruit

I absolutely love this game! I’m not usually a fan of match 3 but I love gamehouse!

One suggestion that would be useful that would help a lot is whenever you have gems and you’re going to use them to buy fruit trees, etc to get more star if there was a confirmation that showed up when you want to spend gems on them.
I am currently waiting for the new chapter to release so I have stocked up on gems. Unfortunately I accidentally clicked one of the spots that I was eligible to buy a tree for to get another star but didn’t want to do that. I ended up spending gems on that tree that I wasn’t planning on doing in the first place because I clicked in the wrong spot.
I think if a message shows up that says “are you sure you want to spend gems on this” or something along these lines it would help out a lot so this doesn’t accidentally happen anymore.

Ответ разработчика ,

WOW! 🤩 Your idea is great. We will look into ways to make this game absolutely perfect! 😉


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