Demon Quest 9+

Devious Dragon's Curse


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Demon Quest is a diagonal scrolling action RPG.
As a player, you will operate the hero and defeat the daemon dragon that is causing violent behavior of monsters like the Slime Goblin Oak that are growing on the plains, the Matango Torrents that lurk in the forest, and the Ghost Zombies wandering the graveyard. Just defeat the creatures and monsters across the world and bring the peace back again.

:::How to control:::
Slide the screen to control the Hero and to swing the sword. Adjust the timing of attack and hit the enemy.

Collect the Gold by defeating the enemies and use it to get the Weapons and Armors. Make the Hero stronger to defeat stronger enemies.

:::Treasure Hunter:::
By defeating the monsters, you may earn magic stones and treasures time to time. There are magic stones with the effect of increasing the status by simply equipping it (White frame). And also magic stones that recover the status, increase striking power and defensing power by tapping on it (Red frame).
In addition, it increases the effect and the accuracy by collecting the same magic stones. Collect a lot of magic stones in order to make a battle advantageous. Also, treasures points will be calculated by collecting the treasures. More points you earn, more higher your rank will be. Collect more treasures and get the higher rank.


バージョン 1.3.1

Bug fixes.





Demon Quest

I will say first off that this game is for hardcore rpg grinder type players, that being said it resembles both dragon quest and 3D dot game heroes both in spirit and tone. I really would like an English translation for a future update. Thank you. The game is charming and fun, I hope to see further updates!




Joe Whatshisname

I like it

I got this game on a whim because I couldn't find the game I was searching for and was way past the point of no return into the deep reaches of the App Store. I stumbled across this and thought "hey, this doesn't look like garbage!" I downloaded it and started playing as was pleasantly surprised with how it was actually fun. My favorite aspect is that you keep leveling up. Most runner RPGs you just level up within the singular area and when you die all your levels are gone, but as a fan of grind fest games this is amazing. I can play levels over and over to level up and the energy system doesn't try to cheat you. It's a good game and I commend you for it and hope it rises to popularity soon.

EDIT: after playing awhile there are a few things I would like to see in later updates such as when you level up a menu pops up and tells you what stats increased and by how much. I would also like to see enemy hp bars. And finally there should be a bonus for destroying all destructibles in a level such as bonus gold for cutting down all the trees on a stage. The game is great though and I will continue to enjoy it.

EDIT2: well I finished the game and bought all the gear by level 78 and then played more just because. This game was great and I genuinely enjoyed it. I would like to see an update with more content (I'd even pay a little for extra levels) or maybe just a sequel game. Either way this was great and I thank you for it.