A bedside clock that keeps you in the dark—except when you want to know the time. The clock display disappears after an adjustable time interval, letting you (and the device) rest peacefully.

Touch the screen to check the time, which will again disappear after the adjustable interval. On iPhones in portrait orientation, you don't have to touch the screen to see the time. Simply wave your hand in front of the screen to activate the iPhone's proximity detector and the time display! Or, on all devices, enable adaptive vibration sensing to activate the display with a touch to your nightstand or even a footstep on your floor.

Optional brightness dimming is also provided, which lowers the screen's backlight brightness on LCD devices once the clock has disappeared to produce an even darker display and lower power consumption. (The backlight is dimmed as low as possible automatically, but it is not turned off. On iPhones in portrait orientation, holding your hand in front of phone's proximity sensor for a full second will turn off the backlight. )

If you have enabled "Hey Siri!" you can activate the time display with your voice. Simply say "Hey Siri! Goodbye." to see the time! Use Siri to enable Do Not Disturb mode and manage alarms.

Embrace the darkness!

* Digital or analog, 12 or 24-hour time display options (2 & 3-finger long press toggles)
* Swipe right or tap to display the time
* Adjustable, automatic time-display fadeout
* Swipe left to immediately darken the display
* Double tap to toggle between automatic disappearance mode and always-on time display
* Pan vertically with two fingers to adjust undimmed display brightness
* Optional automatic backlight dimming
* Select normal or thin display fonts (one-finger long press to toggle)
* Customize the time-display color
* Hide date option
* No-touch activation
> proximity detection on iPhones in portrait orientation
> adaptive vibration sensing
> voice activation using Siri

The default vibration sensitivity setting is quite high, so you may want to decrease it slightly if ambient vibrations are triggering the display unintentionally.

No ads, no in-app purchases, no nonsense.

What’s New

Version 1.4.4

Version 1.4.4 includes these enhancements:
* Hides the home bar indicator on the iPhone X
* Provides separate analog and digital 12/24 hour display options
* Optimized for iOS 11

We hope Disappearing Bedside Clock meets your nighttime timekeeping needs. Please tell your friends and consider leaving a review in the App Store.

As always, thanks for using our apps. We appreciate your support!

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
78 Ratings

78 Ratings

Zpad2 ,

Backlight trick doesn’t work in ios 13

In portrait mode you are supposed to be able to hold your hand for one second in front if the proximity sensor in order to turn off the backlight. The backlight does go off but only stays off as long as your hand is in front of the proximity sensor. Iphone 8. Tried with vibration sensor turned off, same thing. Otherwise the app is as described. Will update the review if it gets fixed or if I find out that I am using it wrong. I won’t use the all with the backlight on. Edit: I saw and appreciate the developer’s response. The light always comes back on. I have now tried it on an iphone 6 as well. EDIT: Bumped up to 5 stars. I figured out that the proximity sensor is affected by the iphone’s “assistive touch” feature under accessibility settings. When I turn it off, I can completely dim the screen! Edit2: Since IOS 13, the trick to turb off the backlight no longer works

Developer Response ,

It can take a bit of practice to learn the long-proximity gesture, but once you have it mastered, it will quickly become second nature to you. Hold your hand steady in front of the proximity sensor located near the top of the display screen for at least a full second, and then move your hand off to the side your iPhone by moving your hand parallel to the display without touching it. The key is to have the sensor “see your hand” for the full second and then have your hand shift outside of the sensor’s detection area without it sensing your hand reappearing. If you practice in a dark room, you will see the backlight switch off during the long-proximity gesture and not reappear as you move your hand off to the side.

It’s unfortunate that this long-proximity “trick" is currently the only way to turn the LED backlight completely off while DBC is running. Newer iPhones with OLED displays do not have a backlight, so the display goes completely dark on those devices.

EDIT: We have not observed any change to the proximity trick under iOS 13 on the LED iPhone models we use for testing, so we’d like to hear details from anyone observing trick failure on their devices. Recheck that accessibility settings that affect the sensor remain disabled.

J Hugdahl ,

Snooze Button

I think this bedside clock is awesome. Only thing that could make it better for me is if it had a snooze and off button for the iOS alarm clock. I have to swipe down from top and then press snooze that is located right on top of the off button. Too many gestures and probability of hitting the off button instead of snooze could be bad. Without the bedside clock turned on the snooze pops up right in the middle of the screen and the off at the bottom, making it a much easier to navigate half asleep.
Again I think it is a great looking clock.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for your kind words about our Disappearing Bedside Clock (DBC) app. It turns out that there are a number of ways to snooze the iOS alarm. (Who knew?) When an alarm sounds and an app (such as DBC) is active, a notification box appears at the top of the screen. Tapping it shuts off the alarm. Swiping it up to dismiss it, however, allows you to snooze. Cool! You can also swipe it down to get a menu containing Stop and Snooze options, but that is not particularly convenient when half asleep. You can also press either of the volume buttons (volume up or volume down—it doesn’t matter which) to snooze. 

We would like to be able to use Siri to snooze (“Hey Siri, snooze!”) when an alarm sounds when DBC is running. Unfortunately, at the present time using Siri to snooze doesn't work when an app is active. Hopefully that limitation will be lifted in the future.

Joani&Randy ,

Best App I use daily!

I really love this app because I don’t even need a separate unreliable alarm clock anymore! I’m charging my phone on my nightstand anyway, so this is a perfect idea! I love that you can have the display off completely and just tap or wave if you want to see the time ! A plus when I’m suffering from migraines and need total darkness, but still need to know what time it is. I also love that I can choose my own display color! I am a “pink” person, and it made me smile to be able to finally have a pink display on my alarm clock instead of just green or blue all the time! Boring !! I chose the bold font so I can see it better with my crummy eyesight too, lol. It’s honestly like custom designing your own personal alarm clock, and it’s awesome! I have no desire no buy a beside clock again as long as this app stays in business !!

Developer Response ,

Thanks for your kind review. Please email us a screen capture of your favorite DBC display design—we'd love to share it!

We also use DBC nightly, so rest assured that we plan on sticking around... 😀


Midnight Oil Enterprises LLC
2.1 MB

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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