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he Discover Seoul Pass is the result of an initiative of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization to better address the needs of free independent tourists.

Even if free independent tourists come to visit Seoul on their own, is there a way they could visit a variety of good attractions without feeling the pinch in their wallets?

Our answer is to enable the tourists to freely customize their Seoul trip that would fit their schedules and preference through the pass. The Discover Seoul Pass includes 21 of Seoul's biggest landmarks as well as a selection of historical, cultural, and hallyu (Korean Wave) attractions.

When you purchase the 39,900 won or 50,000 won pass, you will get more than 150,000 won worth of free admissions to numerous landmarks and attractions.

Moreover, the pass can also serve as a transportation card that can be used as soon as they have been purchased/topped-up. Its use as admission tickets is activated once you visit any one of the 21 Seoul attractions, which can be visited once a day within a appointed period.

※ Using the App
- Through the Discover Seoul Pass App, you can check on the list of attractions that you can visit, as well as the remaining time that you can visit them.

01. App Download and Install

02. Register the QR code in the app of the Discover Seoul Pass that you purchased.
- Your Discover Seoul Pass is now synchronized with the app!
- The app will display tourist attractions that you can visit as well as the remaining time on the pass

03. Benefits for synchronizing the app with the Discover Seoul Pass
- You can bookmark the attractions that you want to visit to manage them better.
- You can consult tourism information related to the attractions that are included in the pass.
- Once your first visit to an attraction is confirmed, the app will display a countdown of the remaining time automatically.

※ Please Note
- The Discover Seoul Pass App is a smart phone application that requires an Internet connection.
Data fees may be charged while downloading or using the application while connected to a 3G or 4G service.(We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection)
- Even if the app has been synchronized with the pass, the actual, physical 'Discover Seoul Pass' card is required in order to be admitted to attractions.

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버전 2.0.5

Bug Fix & Stabilization

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2개의 평가

2개의 평가

Heartbroken👨 ,

Never saved

I managed to lose my card before even exiting the airport (rip to my wallet) BUT I thought I had registered my card onto my app, and was hoping that I could AT LEAST get my free AREX ride.
But for some reason, the app was glitchy and there was the buffering circle for the longest time. But the screen that it was on had all my correct information on it, so I assumed it was fine and worked. It wasn’t. And I learned in my moment of panic of losing my physical card, that the app never kept my card data.
Losing the card is obviously my own fault, but I don’t understand why the app itself never saved my card info—because I should have been able to get my free AREX ride even without my physical card. I’m planning on buying a new card (once again, rip to my wallet) but I hope it works this time because I’ve heard good things about this card and I’m hoping the app keeps up with its positive reviews.


Seoul Tourism Organization

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

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