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4.9 out of 5
798.2K Ratings

798.2K Ratings

atebyb12 ,

Needs Some Kinks Worked Out

Overall, this app is amazing but it still has to work out some kinks. The price is great, especially to have the ad-free version. I was hoping it was the answer to cancelling another streaming service I subscribe to but this app doesn’t have the original 90 Day Fiancé show, just a streaming channel. Also, random episodes are missing on some shows, so I again have to revert to my other streaming service to watch there. The app freezes briefly on Roku TV after pausing or rewinding, and will skip over the part it freezes on. I’ve had no issues casting from my iPhone to my Vizio TV. I can still use my phone while it’s casting and there is no freezing or glitching. The functionality of the home screen needs some improvement organizationally and to provide the ability to delete episodes in “Continue Watching”. When it auto plays or I check out shows, I don’t necessarily want them to stay in “Continue Watching” because then I have to scroll through those to get to what I really want to continue watching. The catalog of shows is exceptional and I do love that some shows are unedited - very refreshing to be able to listen to people swear instead of hearing “beeep beeeep”. I would honestly pay more to have them remove the censorship bleeps from all shows (Gold Rush, I’m looking at you). I was sure I would cancel after the trial but I’ve stayed on as a subscriber because we now watch Discovery+ more than our other streaming services.

Developer Response ,

Hey There, We’re very sorry your experience didn’t meet expectations. We’d love to hear more so we can improve the app. Please submit a request by visiting

bechne ,

Good catalog, playback features still lacking

There’s a lot of Discovery content, and a little History, to entertain for endless hours.

There are some playback features and functions you might miss from other streaming services. 1. There’s no way to connect to Chromecast or another device on your TV until AFTER you start an episode. This means you have to buffer, load, and play the video on your phone before you can tell it to connect to a external device on your TV. It’s very annoying. 2. The streaming on your TV/Chromcast and the controls on the phone lose sync so you sometimes have to stop, reconnect and start again to change playback. You also my need to know the exact show and episode playing to click back into it to get the controls back. 3. My biggest annoyance is the app will not stop streaming on a Chromecast unless you manually stop it. There’s no “are you there” option to check in and save your data usage and stop streaming after a few episodes if the TV is shut off while still streaming. If you set the sleep timer on your TV while a show is playing it will play all night and all day until you turn the TV back on the next night…and it’s still streaming. Has happened to me several times.

I like the service, but the app it’s lacking some of the refined user experience features that users expect from a streaming service day one. This was either rushed out and not extensively tested, or it was never extensively tested. Neither is really acceptable.

Developer Response ,

Hi there. We’re very sorry your experience didn’t meet expectations. We’d love to hear more so we can improve the app. Please submit a request by visiting

crispycully ,

I love it, but it also can be frustrating.

I love this app. I'm so incredibly happy with the selection of shows and networks. But I have a huge problem streaming anything to my smart TV. This app has a horrible system for streaming. It's almost impossible to pause/play your show while also browsing the app. I've found that I have to go back into the show I'm watching, click the exact episode I'm watching, and then the app with allow me to pause the show. I just wish there was a better way to control streaming while also using the app. Other big streaming apps have an interface that's on screen all the time while streaming to allow you to control your show as you browse the app. It would be huge if you guys added one too. Another problem I'm experiencing is the app not playing the episode at all, or with the sound only. The app will connect to my TV but won't load the episode or picture. The last problem I've experienced is sometimes the app will replay 5 to 10 minutes of my show over and over again. The only way to escape this seemingly never ending loop is to skip ahead past the repeated scene.
Otherwise I love this app so much and I will continue to use it, especially if streaming becomes easier to use.

Developer Response ,

Hi thanks for taking the time to post your review! We’re so happy to hear you’re a fan of discovery+.

Catspaw10 ,

Auto Play / Continue Watching BIG FAILS

No way to turn off auto play. Which on its own would be confusing and annoying but still minor. Problem is, it decides to move on to a (big surprise) Discovery+ original show even though there are more episodes in the season and more seasons of the show I was watching. Still wouldn’t be so bad if there were a way to remove a complete show from Continue Watching. But there’s not. I’ve seen Developer Responses to this issue in other reviews. I’m not talking a stray episode here and there, I mean entire seasons of unwanted episodes. Am I really expected to fast forward through all of them just to clear them out of a list they never should have belonged in? Where they are obscuring episodes I really DO want to continue watching? I can only assume that the intent is to inflate the “viewing” numbers for the shadow promoted shows. And don’t bother telling me that you’ll pass my feedback to the development team. I was a developer for many years. They’re workers taking orders, they don’t make decisions. This exact complaint exists in reviews more than a year old and very recent. It’s quite clear that Discovery+ has no intention of correcting this “problem”. Since from their perspective, it’s a valuable marketing tool. I’ll keep my subscription because of the excellent content. And I’ll keep hoping that your merge with HBO changes your perspective on customer satisfaction and making apps that actually work as the customer wants them to.

Developer Response ,

Oh no! We're so sorry to hear about your experience with our discovery+ app. We truly understand how frustrating it is to experience the auto-play that is not needed, missing episodes and seasons due to certain rights restrictions, and the method of sharing your valuable feedback with our internal team for we genuinely do listen to provide new features and upgrades for our app. We understand changes do not happy overnight but we assure you that we are continuously upgrading our app for a better streaming experience. If you have any more feedback or suggestions, please send us a message at and one of our friendly coordinators will be happy to hear more of your concerns. We thank you for bringing this to our attention and for being a valued discovery+ subscriber.

GoreObsessed1975 ,

Screen mirroring ability on tv is (apparently) a must to Chromecast

As others have said, the app works horribly (or not at all sometimes) with Chromecast. Yes, the content available is fantastic, which makes this casting issue so frustrating. I have contacted the help team, multiple times about this. I’ve done every suggestion they’ve given (cleared cache, re-downloaded the app, reset my WiFi, etc.) and nothing helps. I will say the team are always very responsive and try to help. But what I learned from one team member after all of these suggestions failed is that unless you have a tv/setup that enables screen mirroring on your tv, attempting to Chromecast will continue to be problematic. That’s unfortunate considering many people don’t have this option, including myself. I have an iPhone, but not a newer tv capable of this. It feels a bit disingenuous to find this out AFTER I’d paid for a subscription. I’ve continued to keep my subscription because the amount of content is great, but will not be renewing at the end of this month. To potential customers I would say be wary if you plan on Chromecasting but don’t have the screen mirroring function on your tv. To the potential developer’s response- I have already been through the help process and suggestions. I don’t need to go through it again. I just need the Chromecasting to be vastly improved. Please fix this!

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. We will be sure to pass along your feedback to our development team to investigate this issue and improve the discovery+ streaming experience. If you have any additional details you would like to share, including the software version of your device and discovery+ app version installed, please feel free to reach back out to our support team at

roadkill35758 ,

20 plus years loving discovery but….

I buy and have paid for Discovery for year now and killed my cable service. Yet a year or so ago things changed on discovery, I love all the Home shows and the Paranormal show but little by little they have been cancelled. I have waited for new shows but nothing. One of our older shows has started again but we are afraid like other we have seen there will be 6 or 8 episodes and then it will be over. At one point Discovery was the only streaming channel we would watch after work. But now we find nothing that gets our interest on discovery except a home show once in a while. If nothing changes soon I don’t see why to keep paying for something we do t watch anymore. Thought a while back we heard someone new took over and if that was true it seems they have put their personal interests into what is put on and not what people like to watch. I see group chats all the time about the same thing I am writing to you about now and how people are turning to other stations to find what they want. Maybe my voice won’t be heard or matter but Discover was the first streaming channel I did and never thought I would ever cancel it and it’s will be sad if they don’t hear us. I paid for the top package and would again if things would change. If nothing changes by June of 2023 I will cancel.

Developer Response ,

Hi! We're so sorry to hear that you're considering ending your subscription due to your experience with our app. This is definitely not what we want for you. Your feedback is so valuable and we would love to hear more about your experience. We will share your comments with our internal team. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the link and select ‘Submit a Request’, so that we can get additional insight.

Join.The.Hunt ,

I wish they would fix their issues

I don’t know what it is with this streaming site, but I seem to have issues with them all the time. I will watch multiple episodes of a show and the close the app or leave the web page for the night, when I come back to the main page, it will tell me I have episodes I watched and finished in my to be continued section. Then with just the app, all the shows start mute in the beginning and it either comes on in a minute or I have to rewind for it to kick in. Now the subtitles come on every episode, even though I just turned them off on the previous episode and every setting on my AppleTV says no subtitles. Also, at first the subtitles were set to Automatic (Recommended), but when I deleted and reinstalled the app for the probably 20th time since signing up, now the subtitles turn on at English, no longer the automatic option and unless I’ve missed an option somewhere I can’t get them to just stay off. I have no problems when any of the other streaming apps and I pretty much have them all. This is the only one that has been a headache since I got it. If it wasn’t for some of the shows, I would of canceled it the 1st day…. Forgot to add, that episodes will go in an out of being clear to fuzzy pictures, when watching and again it’s the only streaming services that does it.

Developer Response ,

Hi there, we are sorry about the trouble you have had with closed captioning. Can you please update the app to version 15.5.0 and let us know if this continues to be an issue.

kayldf ,

Glitchy app but like the content

This app is extremely frustrating. It’s constantly buffering when I’m trying to watch something on my smart TV and I’ve confirmed it’s not my internet connection. Other streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime don’t have this issue. Additionally, the app often doesn’t save my place if I’ve only watched a portion of a show and come back later. I go to continue the episode and it shows I’m only 3 minutes into the show even if I had watched 30min. The app also regularly freezes and gives an error message when trying to start the next episode automatically. You have to click “try again” a couple of times before it works. I think the interface is also not great compared to other platforms. For example, there’s no easy way to see when a show on your list has a new episode- you have to manually go to My List and scroll through each individual show which is pretty inefficient. I will also note I’ve reported these issues before and Discovery + support attempted to help, but the handful of suggestions they gave didn’t change anything. I really like the content so I’ll keep my subscription for now, but I really hope they are working on improving it significantly. From the other reviews it seems that other people have similar struggles with this app.

Developer Response ,

We completely understand your frustration & would love to have the opportunity to look further into why you are experiencing these issues with your discovery+ subscription. Can you please email us directly at & reference ticket 2774263? This way we can look at your account & assist you further!

Jmoney1186 ,

Great service, app function not so much

Love all the channels and shows we can get. This is the streaming app we use more than any other. However… you need to learn how to build an app there are some pretty pathetic rookie kinks in this app that only belong in one built by a tiny amateur company. For starters I should not still see every single episode of every show we’ve watched in my continue watching list. Secondly and I think partly to blame for the first issue is the fact that each episode we watch seems to scroll back several minutes after we finish it. So if we continue to the next episode then back out before we finish it, the previous episode shows before the current one on the list causing us to continue an episode we’ve already watched when we try to pick up where we left off if we don’t pay really close attention. It’s incredibly frustrating! I really hope your developers get on the ball soon. In conclusion… progress tracking of episodes needs to be more accurate and delete completed episodes from the continue watching list. I should see 5 or 6 episodes there but instead there’s over 100. It’s been this way from the start I know I’m not the only one to complain and I don’t think this is too much to expect

Developer Response ,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We depend on feedback from viewers such as yourself to let us know how we can improve. We will be happy to pass along your suggestion to our team to add the ability to edit the Continue Watching section of the app. If you have any additional feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us at

chrgarre ,

App needs improvement

I was initially irritated that people were being forced to get Discovery+ if they wanted to continue to watch certain shows. If I’m being honest, I’m still irritated. However, when looking at this from a financial perspective, in the long run this will save me money, as I will be canceling direct tv now that our contract is up. This may not be the case for others, so it is frustrating to know that this network is basically requiring you to pay more money for something that you are already paying for with cable. Yes I get it. It’s only $5, that’s not the point. Ok, that’s the end of my rant lol... I so far am enjoying g the content. However, the app could use some improvement. When you’re streaming a show to your television from the app and close the app it often times will shut the app down completely not allowing you to click back open to the app to rewind or fast-forward. And then have to go into your continue watching section where it restarts the episode in the wrong spot. It would also be nice to have the option to remove episodes from the continue watching section. Also I am unable to download this app on my chrome cast televisions. And PLEASE, when I have finished an episode, take it off of the continue watching section. That drives me bonkers!!

Developer Response ,

Hi there, thank you for your suggestions and feedback! We are working hard to continually improve the consumer experience. We’ll share your request with our developers for future consideration!