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Con Hair MakeOver puede probar diferentes clases de peinados y de cortes en menos de un minuto.
Elija una foto -> Seleccione el peinado -> Fácilmente combine el rostro con el cabello -> ¡Y listo!

¡Peinados reales de todas clases! Cortos, medianos o largos, rubios, marrones, rojos o morochos, hombres o mujeres, lo tenemos todo.

• Peinados disponibles tanto para mujeres como para hombres.
• Gran variedad de peinados de alta calidad.
• Ajuste su foto fácil y completamente para insertar el peinado.
• Elija una foto de la librería o saque una nueva con la cámara.
• Los peinados se adaptarán a cualquier fondo.
• Guarde la transformación de la foto y compártala con sus amigos(as).
• Cárguela en facebook con un solo clic.
• Utilice las transformaciones guardadas de las fotos para consultar con su estilista o amigos(as) y determinar que peinado le queda mejor.
• Cambio fácil y rápido entre peinados.
• Peinados actualizados


Versión 3.1

* New Design
* Supports all iOS devices
* New Hairstyles
* Hairstyle colors
And more!

Valoraciones y reseñas

2.3 de 5
98 valoraciones

98 valoraciones

pudding_dog123 ,

It's Okay

Like I said, it's okay. Because of the face shape that the picture goes in is always oval, you won't get a realistic image of yourself in that hairstyle. Me, I have a more round face, and my chin is too short to fit in the frame. Also, you don't know how big or small to resize it because it's just the hair with no frame of reference on how big the head should be.
It's fun to just try out hairstyles for fun, but if you were actually wanting to see yourself with a different hairstyle because you were actually going to change it, it's not the best. I mean, you can slightly see how it's gonna look but it's not that accurate.
also, you have to buy for like four dollars on just the women's hair colors and styles. Another four dollars for the men's, but it's five dollars for everything so maybe you'd want that.
Like I said, it's okay. It's free with in-app purchasing so feel free to go ahead and try it out, but I think it's just more for fun.

Rcdhittfwqionb ,

If you're into trash this is the app for you

This app would maybe be half decent if it was a little more realistic with the hair. But instead it looks like a terrible photoshop rip off another little thing I should tell you is they give you maybe 5 of the most unrealistic trash haircuts that literally nobody has but it gets better if you want to see how you look with a new more popular haircut you can pay a small loan of a million freaking dollars it costs more than an actual haircut cost so in the end I would rather go outside and burn my wallet and smash my phone then download this app and buy the hairstyles

Tolson26 ,

Not helpful

The app is free so I understand there are paid features but the hair styles for the guys seem more like jokes. From what I saw I couldn't even think about paying more.
In the demo there are only 4 hair color options and they aren't very realistic looking. Taking a picture of your face to put under the hair isn't good, they was no face shape box, or face detection to help.

Maybe if they gave you the ability to demo all features for a short time period then maybe you might see something worth buying, but the demo struck me as a joke.


Heroqai LTD
106.9 MB
Photo & Video

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Compras dentro de la app
  1. FULL APP PACKAGE - unlock ALL Hairstyles! and remove ads $5.99
  2. Women Hairstyles $4.99
  3. Men Hairstyles $3.99


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