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4.7 out of 5
99.9K Ratings

99.9K Ratings

Virt4 ,

Cruise experience

I wanted to thank Disney and their staff for allowing me and my family to experience such a magical journey! I sail on many top rate and we’ll known cruise lines. I have now abandoned ship with these other cruise ships! And officially now onboard the Disney team! You have gone over and beyond to release my COVID19 fear to travel again! For the app pre-checkin count down app which was super cool and easy to navigate! To the stress free and we’ll organise check in process at the port! No lines and stress free check in process! It took us less than an hour from our Covid testing to embark to for our fun to begin! It was so awesome to know everyone on the ship was required to test and know the entire ship was COVID19 FREE! The personal touch and attention to detail does not go unnoticed as if we have been cruising with Disney for years! The staff and shows was amazing it brought my family to tears every time we would discuss out evening events the next day! Disney has raise the bar so high that the other cruise lines has no latter to reach! I have begun my planning process for a cruise this upcoming fall! I am beyond excited to visit my next destination and ship with Disney! I can write a book on my experience but I will just have to wait until my next Disney cruise experience review! Thank you Disney for not giving up on Walt Vision you made him proud!

Thank goodness Iger is back! ,

So good.

This is our second sailing in our first sailing we did concierge’s. I am telling you there’s no need for concierge’s unless it is something that you just want to do to isolate yourself a little bit from the ship. You cannot book the cabanas unless you’re sailing concierge’s which we did do the first time, but not this time and Castaway Cay was just fine without the cabana. We did do the new dinner on the Wish and Enchante’ was better in our option then La pergola in Rome (although comparing at this level is silly as they are obviously both as good as anything you will ever have). The dinners, food and service were so terrific. The new Aqua mouse is worth the 30-40min wait as it will remind you of Mickey’s runaway railroad from Hollywood Studios a little. Shows were like being on broadway, and there is something for everyone. Our 11 year old did Edge and loves it, our 7 year old liked oceaneere’s club but since she did not have her big sister with her this time she asked to get picked up after only 20min which was just fine with us :-)! The obstacle course, by Incredibles, was also definitely worth trying (30min wait) but make sure your swimsuit is on TIGHT (no joke lol). So happy we went on another Disney cruise and can’t wait for our next one!

Judy942 ,

Easy to use and great communication tool onboard

Several years ago we used this app on our first Disney cruise but it is greatly improved. No need to use the onboard 'cell phones' provided to each stateroom. You can create your own groups and stay in touch with all the family on the ship. It also keeps activity schedules up to date but you need to get out of the app completely and then open it again. The last night of our cruise they got the okay to show the new Beauty and the Beast movie the night before it was to open in theaters. When I checked the app, there it was. Thanks for this useful tool. Two suggestions for possible improvements are 1) have the app actual give some kind of sound indication if you receive a text message. 2) have an additional financial part to be able to see what extras you have added to your trip and the financial responsibility for those additions. It would be far easier than having to go to Member Services to check what was on their final bill. Would be handy and could help Member Services cast members cut down on the volume of calls and visits to their area for information.
The app worked great but there are always ways to improve.
Thanks for helping make our cruise more magical.

Virginia Buyer ,

Great idea but a few suggestions....

My son came from Japan to meet us and never got it to work until we hit the first port and he could reinstall. Great to have guests communicate with their group members as we had eleven so came in handy. Guests excursions should drop into their individual app as well as shows and events they want attend so a daily calendar is organized and instantly available Couldn't add a person to an existing group, you had to leave the group and start a new one and the entire process was not intuitive Undoubtedly it will be more robust when completed. Felt sorry for those that didn't bring a cell phone or carry it at all times which we had hoped not to have to do on vacation. For heaven sakes give people wifi rather than charging for it....limit data and streaming, but give folks basic email

july 2023

Not much improvement since last review. Difficult to go from group chat to activities. Disney is forcing vacationers totally depend on their phones and carry at all time which is not the point of a vacation. Still no free text or wifi even just limited to check in with home or pets. Rather stingy. Miss the printed daily page with updates and numbers one might need. Had to resort to the what’s app group for great information. Not a fan of carrying my phone all the time, even to dinner for a menu, to use a crippled app

Developer Response ,

Hi there! We're sorry to hear about this. Help us improve the app by sharing more about your experience. Just send a message to app.support@disneycruise.com. Make sure you let us know the email address you use to sign in to the app and share your cruise reservation number.

Ancient TV Mouseketeer Fan ,

Very helpful but room for improvement

This is fantastic for providing daily schedules and activities and dining menus as well as deck plans. The chat function is great for keeping in touch but unfortunately it only vibrates and does not have a sound alert and so I missed many messages. Also, for some reason, at times I would get a notification saying that the person is "away" and the message would not be delivered even though they had their phone on. It would be very nice to be able to view future days' menus and activities as only the current day is displayed. As others have said, it would be very helpful to be able to view your room charges and also to make new reservations in it. Although we were told by cruise personnel it would work in the ports (as we left children in day care while we went to shore) it does not work on land in ports. Also, the "Help" section is worthless as it's just a few basic instructions and there's no search function and in order to get help you have to go to the IT desk which only has limited hours. However, I can't imagine functioning on board without this app--our last Disney cruise was years ago on The Big Red Boat before Wi-Fi or cell phones even existed and this provided a tremendous improvement in the cruise experience. This review is from our January, 2018 cruise.

Love joy 2 ,

Still Needs Work

I’ve had the app since the days of the old fashioned suitcase which displayed the number of days left before the cruise. I’ve also been on 5 cruises (Iceland, Alaska, etc.) so I’m not a novice. The ultimate goal is to get rid of the daily paper navigator, which is an admirable goal. Here’s what needs work: still having to go in person to sign up for brunches, tastings, etc. Each time I’ve had to sign up in person, because the app shows no availability only to discover there was lots of slots still to be had. Palo was deserted and we had six people in our bourbon tasting. When the cruise is short, this time trying to book is burning my vacation time. Secondly, the ribbon that shows “Daily activities, character greetings, etc,” does not have a left swipe arrow to indicate that banner moves. I talked to others who didn’t realize this as well. The WiFi signup should coincide with the final setting up the app on board. There should be a prompt that indicates this as a next step. Don’t send me a long sheet of paper about the WiFi when the app could automatically do this and start the clock on the 50 mg of WiFi. Also, get the app to do little drop downs asking you to sign up for your placeholder on the app. Several new folks thought they had to go to the desk to do this. Keep working on this. I have faith in the design group! Put me in the testing group!

Cruiser DJW ,


Hello, I just returned from the Wonder feb. 11-16th and am very disappointed in the excursions and hope that something could be done in the future. Both our excursions, blowhole in Ensenada and beach break in cabo would have been enjoyable except for the vendors being so pushy and not leaving us alone. It was terrible to not be able to relax because they come up to you every 30 seconds or so even after saying no thank you many times. Our beach view of the wonder was blocked by them. Then going to the blowhole they keep putting samples in front of you and would get right in your way every step you took. It was awful and I put that on the survey I took from the tour guide. The intensity was not appropriate and more people would buy from them if they just set up a display away from us that we could go to if we chose to instead. I took several pictures if you would like to see them . My party of 3 just wanted to go back to the ship and it was not a good representation of an excursion that Disney would approve of. Also the buffet closed rather early every night so if you were hungry it took over an hour for room service. Thank you.

fichixjsvcjx ,

Disney dream 2022

My family of 5 just finished our 4 night cruise to the Bahamas. It was our first cruise and we definitely intend on cruising again soon with Disney! The service was exceptional throughout the entire vacation. The staff was very attentive and made our food allergy top priority. Thank you to Budi, our server and esmarelda! Rooms were very immaculate despite our tornado children messing them each day. Shout out to Eric for keeping them so clean for us! We did take part in the spa services. I booked a deep tissue massage for a member of our party which was only rated maybe a 6 out of 10. Sorry Disney, but we have had better massages for half the price. And as much as I loved the options and presentation of all the food, I was not impressed. There was only one day at enchanted garden, pirate night, when every appetizer, entree and dessert was to die for!! Absolutely fantastic food. All other nights, I felt the food lacked flavor and sadly, just wasn’t that good. However, I loved our vacation with DCL! I reserved a place holder for another in the future and cannot wait to return! Thank you Disney for making mine and my family’s trip so memorable!

mike bout ,


We just finished our first cruise. The Disney Wish is amazing! The ship is beautiful. The food in the dining rooms is beautifully presented and delicious. Marcelina Market buffet breakfast and lunch has so many wonderful choices. The food court was surprisingly good also. Pizza, burgers, barbecue, Mexican, and ice cream. My granddaughter ate so much ice cream on this trip. The entertainment is top notch. We went to two shows, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin were amazing. Getting pictures taken with all the characters was easy and do much fun. Our granddaughter had a princess makeover and was thrilled with it. The pools were warm and the pirate party was a great time. I thought it would be just kids songs, but they played a terrific selection of 80’s and 90’s songs. All of the adults were singing along. Fireworks were spectacular end up the pirate evening. Lastly, the crew. Every crew member that we dealt with was polite and kind and understanding with all of our questions. The Disney cruise app is also a great help. You have the schedule for everyday at your fingertips. This was our first cruise and we are already looking forward to the next one!

Developer Response ,

Thank you, we are so happy to hear that you enjoy our app!

Toothmomma ,

App on the Wish

Ok, you have to use the app for everything. I don’t love being tied to my phone while on vacation but it worked well. One thing that would be nice is a way to “heart” the things you want to do and then those hearts show up on all the times that event occurs. Also the “wish goodnight” was not listed on the activities list. It would be super cool if the wands lit up. I did not like the Adventure game that you played with the pictures around the ship. My 11 year old does not have a phone and therefore couldn’t play. It would be nice if there were cards like the detective game on the Dream/Fantasy or maybe something that interacts with the magic band plus. The other problem I had with the game was that my daughter and I started a quest then the next day I wanted to do a step without her but couldn’t without restarting. I just quit.
I did not have too many connectivity issues except when I was on the 13 deck during the fireworks show.
Also, people were constantly on their apps chatting or checking the next event-in the middle of a movie or show, at dinner, all the time. Very distracting.
I miss the paper navigators, but the app worked just fine.

Developer Response ,

Wow! Thanks for the feedback. Help us improve the app by sharing more about your experience. Just send a message to app.support@disneycruise.com. Make sure you let us know the email address you use to sign in to the app and share your cruise reservation number.