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Disney Sorcerer's Arena es el juego de rol por turnos definitivo con JcJ en tiempo real. Entra en el audaz y competitivo mundo del brujo, donde cada elección que hagas determinará tu legado. Forma tu equipo con las decenas de leyendas de Disney y Pixar listas para la batalla, y pon a prueba tus poderes en la Arena JcJ repleta de acción.
Disney Sorcerer's Arena... ¡donde se enfrentan las leyendas!

· Lucha en JcJ en tiempo real
· Controla el juego estratégico
· Colecciona cientos de leyendas de Disney y Pixar listas para la batalla
· Despliega tu estrategia con auténticas habilidades de personaje
· Únete a Conquistas del club para participar en épicas batallas en equipo y eventos diarios

©2019-2021 Disney. ©2019-2021 Disney/Pixar. El código del juego y cierto material audiovisual son ©2019-2021 Glu Mobile Inc. Todos los derechos reservados. SORCERER'S ARENA y GLU son marcas comerciales y/o marcas comerciales registradas de Glu Mobile Inc. Todos los derechos reservados.

- Este juego es gratuito, pero puedes comprar objetos adicionales con dinero real que se cargará en tu cuenta de iTunes. Puedes desactivar la opción de compras integradas en los ajustes de tu dispositivo.
- Compra con responsabilidad.
- Este juego contiene publicidad.
- Este juego permite la interacción entre sus usuarios (p. ej., salas de chat, chat privado, mensajes, etc.) según la disponibilidad de dichas funciones. Los enlaces a redes sociales no están destinados a aquellas personas en contravención de las normas de dichas redes sociales.
- Se necesita una conexión de red para jugar.
- Para obtener información sobre la recopilación y uso de datos por parte de Glu, lee nuestra política de privacidad en
- Si tienes problemas con la aplicación, utiliza la función "Ayuda" de la aplicación.

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Versión 17.0

• Nuevas campañas de aventuras: actualización de su aspecto y nueva campaña de ascensión
• Nuevo equipamiento de grado 8, runas de habilidad D, nivel aumentado a 80
• Reorganización de la economía de los grados de equipamiento 1-7
• Corrección de errores
• Equilibrios de personajes

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5
43.6 mil valoraciones

43.6 mil valoraciones

uchie85 ,

Game has potential.

If you like collection based rpgs, then you will probably enjoy this. Doubly so if you are a big Disney fan. I’ve played since global launch and there are some glaring issues. First off there is no pve. This game’s gimmick is the live pvp. The pve events that take do place are mostly laughably bad with only 2 -3 attempts per day. They usually require a prerequisite team and when you have them and can go further down the levels with the reward being “1-6 character shard” instead of the first level that just gives “1 character shard”. Even if you do that guess what, you still only get 1 because glu doesn’t care if you only get 1 as it gets you to buy their overpriced pixels. That is my second issue, extremely low drop rates. My third and biggest issue is the turn limit of 100. With many characters actually summoning units, spells to Rez dead characters, spells to make shadows of characters, well any good game of pvp quickly gets decided by the turn limit instead of skill. There is a reason that marvel strike force is still more popular than this game, even though it’s years older.

dan.337 ,

Great Gameplay, But Heavy On MTX

I love the turn based style gameplay with all of my favorite characters. I love how frequent it seems that more characters are being introduced, the game isn’t lacking in content at all. Unfortunately it is EXTREMELY hard to play as a free to play player since so much of the progression mechanics rely on chance, unless you pay. The game isn’t quite pay to win, but it definitely has a pay to win feel since dropping large amount of money will allow you to max out your characters faster to make a stronger team. I also hate how pricey the bundles are. Everything is over $10 and some even go up to $100. I’ve been tempted to buy, but can’t justify spending $30 on a few characters for a mobile game. If there were a few more packs and bundles for less than $10 maybe I’d make more purchases. It’s easier to spend smaller amounts more often than a large amount at once. My last issue is a technical one. After upgrading to the iPhone 11 max, I can no longer see who is next in the line up down in the bottom left of the UI. Before I could see like the next 3 or 4 characters to help strategize who I was going to go after, but now I have to just guess by the little yellow speed bars over the characters. I so want this game to have 5 star rating because I love the gameplay, I just don’t get to play the game as much as I would like to because of the time restrictions I face as a free to play player.

skeletonrights ,

It’s okay

I think this game has a lot of potential to be great, but it’s merely a cash grab for Disney. They make it nearly impossible to gain new characters and it’s so hard to tier up your already existing characters. The character tokens, which are used to unlock characters and level up your existing characters, are not even guaranteed after you win the battle. And leveling up yourself is fairly difficult. You get going really fast at the beginning but once you hit like level 9-10 it’s like a brick wall. You’re stuck constantly losing against higher leveled characters, and if u want to level up to beat them you have to replay multiple old levels. You have your starter characters which luckily they’re diverse enough ranging from the little mermaid to monsters inc, but after you get like the first low go characters, it takes forever or money to get enough tokens to unlock new characters. Then you finally have the chance to get character tokens in the special events, but oops, turns out you don’t have enough two star characters so you can’t play past level one. This game is designed to make people so frustrated at the stagnant-ness that they finally just say fine here’s my money, just to tier one character up. Honestly not really worth it IMO. I was excited at first bc it was going kind of fast, but like I said, you hit that brick wall and it gets really annoying and repetitive. Don’t waste your time

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issue with our game. If possible, can you please send us a ticket so the Customer Care Team can better assist you with this. Please provide us as much information about the issue as possible. Thank you!

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