◆ Game Info ◆
● A Dream Collaboration!
Legendary heroes and villains from across the FINAL FANTASY series come together in a compelling story of powerful deities and a world in peril. Fans of the series will see their favorite characters in a brand-new adventure, and newcomers will experience the compelling story, drama, and combat that the FINAL FANTASY series is known for!

● Turn-Based Combat with a Twist!
Engage in simple yet strategic turn-based combat! The unique Bravery system challenges you to balance offense with defense as you build up your Bravery and wait for the right moment to strike!

● Assemble Your Party!
Build parties from a cast of dozens of FINAL FANTASY heroes and villains and prepare them for battle with a variety of equipment and abilities. Embark on a journey alongside beloved characters and encounter familiar faces, summons, and more along the way!

● Play with Friends!
Multiplayer quests allow you to join forces with up to two other players to bring down mighty enemies and earn fabulous rewards!

◆ Story ◆
Darkness converges upon us, and the world crumbles before our very eyes…
What was once a sanctuary for the weary has now become a battlefield.
Long ago, the deities Spiritus and Materia warped the fabric of time and space to create a new world—a world they populated with warriors from other realms.
These men and women were forced to fight day and night without reprieve, and the strain of endless battle soon grew to be too great.
With battered bodies and shattered spirits, they sent out a cry for help…


バージョン 1.13.0

Version 1.13.0
- Wild points are now obtainable from certain quests in World of Illusions Ultimate.
- Additional filter options has been added to the Enhance page for Artifacts.
- Dimensions' End: Entropy Tier 1 to 5 have been added to Dimensions' End.
- Kupocard Mini and Kupocard Mini 2, now on sale for a limited time.
- Various bug fixes.





Great Start

So far, this game is off to a great start. The story is ok, and they fill it with your typical reasons why all these characters can be in one place at the same time.

The gameplay is fun and addictive, and if you pay attention, there is definitely some strategy involved.

In this gatcha, I like how they give you the characters, so you can play as your favorite FF character. This is appealing, as the characters are the reason we are all such big FF fans. However, it’s still a gatcha. Right now they are making the in game currency easy to obtain, but I fear that very soon it’s going to become harder and harder to obtain. Unfortunately this is the typical business model, where the good stuff comes later and the only way to get the IGC is to spend $. One thing that I can say that sets it from other gatchas is that there is a 90% chance to get one of the 3 featured items in the 10+1 pull. That’s a ton of incentive and a nice change.

Currently my biggest issue with the game, is that I can’t play it on multiple devices even though it’s linked through FB. I started on my phone, transferred it to my iPad thinking that it would play on both, and then as I click transfer it says I can no longer play on my old device! WTH Squenix!? There also needs to be an upfront disclaimer stating that the game can only be played on one device so that people don’t make the same mistake as I did. FFBE can play on multiple devices, so should this. Fix this issue and I’ll rate 5/5.


5 star EZ

Okay let me start by saying this.. I’ve spent so many countless hours/dollars looking for that one game on my phone that I feel I can play for years. This is the first Mobile review I have posted, over the past 5 years I’ve spent thousands of dollars on p2w games. Usually games die out or devs give up, don’t listen etc. Even if you haven’t played FF in the past, it is worth your time. There is few and far between when it comes to dev commitment and the customer support you get from the SE team. The reason I am writing this review is I consider myself to be a recreation pro when it comes to Mobil rpgs. If it’s been in the top 100 I’ve played it in the App Store. SE add pvp to this game, spend a little on advertising in your target geo/demographic areas. I’m sure people have seen angry birds or some clash “insert name here” type of games advertised on Television. Please do this SE. Take your spot on the rightful throne as kings of the customer relationship business model. These other Mobil apps p2w money grab nonsense. I cannot wait to see how this game plays out. I am honored to have played such an amazing 1.0 version of a game. Because if somehow by version 2.0 there isn’t a million + people playing this game. The Mobil app world doesn’t deserve your passion and presence, thank you again SE.... For all your years of quality service.


A great yet interesting game. 4.9/5 realistically.

So this is a game I started in June of this year, I stoped playing for a while then came back a while later when I heard of sephiroth being added. I think this game is great, love it to bits, and can’t wait for more updates and character (FFXV?), but there was one thing that kinda bugged me. Personal weapons, now I know people might say it’s in the draws, but couldn’t we get a 4 Star version of them for the character at the beginning when you first get them, like the buster sword there are 2 the NT and regular (5 Star and 4 Star respectively). It’s especially a little harder when you have to use them a little later in that chapter at times. The draw system is random, but not too bad to give a lower rating. Now gameplay wise, I love it, it gives me a feeling of old games with the turn based system, (lightning best sweeper so far), as for certain bosses, they are unique and interesting, other than the malboros, I love each concept though it can get repetitive at times. Still need to reach chapter 10 before I ultimately can say I’ve beaten the game fully, but can’t wait until the next update, and hope to see more iconic characters in the future. (Advent children cloud skin please, would be great.)



iOS 8.0以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。



  1. Bronze Chest $0.99
  2. Silver Chest $4.99
  3. Gold Chest $9.99


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