dotloop Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
61.3K Ratings

61.3K Ratings

KnoxvilleRob ,

Updates needed!

When they say ‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’ the analogy bore itself out when I grew to use the dotloop app for everything! What a fantastic addition to my arsenal of tools for real estate and important personal doc management.

Then the IOS 11 came out and Dotloop became glitchy. Now I can’t even send docs for signatures to my clients. I hope it’s something they’ll address soon, or that it isn’t my phone with the glitch. I tried to remove and reinstall, but still no luck.

Dcamp1234 ,

Great for on the go but has some bugs to work out

The newest update has made it less
User friendly and several things you could do you know cant

The app has its perks but doesnt always function properly. It can be difficult to get find the loop when uploading documents because if you use search feature you can not add document you have to scroll until you find the loop the. You can add it if your adding from the pdf itself. Works great if your in the loop and add a photo. You can crop it and saves pictures as a pdf. Great for on the go. Has a few bugs they need to work out but overall a great way to track paperwork while on the go and send documents to people while out of the office. Would be better if you could tab between blanks instead of typing and closing block then clicking next block and then edit to start typing again.

Sheridan2017 ,


Very unethical employees at this company. When we talked to the sales rep we asked for specific features we needed and were told that dotloop had these features. We decided to sign up for the service. On the first day we had a training and found out that the features we needed were actually NOT available. We asked to cancel our contract. We were told no. We only had it for one day and never processed a transaction with it. I offered to pay 3 months just to cancel. They still said no. The company expended no resources on my company and essentially sold me on features the company does not have. I feel frustrated because even after offering to pay 3 months in advance just to cancel today I was still told no. Be extremely careful before signing anything with this company. Like a gym membership from hell but 20 times more expensive.

saucy no 1 ,


This does everything it advertises and I think they do a great job making this viewable. It is nearly impossible to convert anything to a PDF. It claims to be a PDF, but then takes you right back to the dot loop app or website. If you need to change this to send to a loan officer or anyone else that needs it, good luck. If this is corrected, I would change this to a 5* review. As an agent that uses it all the time, maybe this would be worth $29 a month or OVER $100 for a year! As someone that has only ever used this twice ever (to sell a home and working on buying another home), this is way, way too expensive.

TraceySch ,

Would be great if they fixed the bugs

The unit number never pulls through to auto propagate in the loop name for the address. NEVER. So if you deal a lot with condos or townhomes with unit numbers it is an extra step every time. Searches from the app are basically useless. No matter the filter, loops just don’t show up on numerous searches. I have to revert back to using desktop. Once you go into the document you have to go back out and locate the document you opened in order to archive vs just archiving a document once opened on the spot. Wastes lots of valuable time when reviewing documents. Prefilled information that is modified doesn’t always save. These are just off the top of my head.

ChicagoRealtor ,

Must have app for any realtor

As a realtor this app is a must have. Allows me to work remotely and also help clients that are not always available to meet in person. However, I am using it on both my iPhone and iPad and the app has many bugs. But between the app and the web browser I can get the work done. I just wish I did not have to go between both to complete one document. Also, it allows uploading from Dropbox, but it could really use uploading from other cloud storages such as iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Fix these issues and it would be a 5 star app.

Nacho Esteban Tre ,

Suggestions & Bugs with Apple

Everything works fine in. Love using dotloop. Only drawbacks is that I cant add bullets in the contracts when I need to list things out. I can copy/paste it but in the font tools it does not allow to add them. Biggest issue is when editing the fields on iphone or iPad I click a field to edit, then it gets out of the field and I cant edit it. Does not do this on laptop but its annoying when I am trying to do contracts on the go. Please fix!

Nora4000 ,

Have used Dotloop for years

Have used Dotloop for years, this is the first time I’ve used the Premium version. Easy to use, only glitch I have noticed is that it doesn’t really work well when using the same client with multiple properties. It should auto populate but it doesn’t. Each new property I have have to put them in and all their information as a new buyer. I have them as my contact but still have to put them in which each property. Other thing is the commission has to be calculated, should only need to put commission percentage not have to calculate it!!

Erlawinski ,

Meh - the online interface is 1000x better

For the record, I love dotloop! That said, the app is missing enough features and ease of use where it’s only good for reviewing documents. I wish that I could rely on the app to create offers from scratch, but it’s still faster and easier to use the online interface. In fact, I have found myself taking my tablet or phone and logging in on my mobile browser rather than using the app because the online interface is still a better experience even on a mobile device.

ManicYogi ,

Not a fan anymore

I have actively used Dotloop for 6 years and they have made great product until these last few changes. Dotloop on a computer is wonderful but they have continued to progressively get worse with the app. Specifically the IPad & IPhone app. It’s slow, it’s hard to edit documents, and it does not have many of the features that the desktop version has. I have also used Dotloop with numerous browsers with the same if not more issues. I have contacted support multiple times and even contacted the developer on two occasions without reply or solution. Today I canceled my subscription and am migrating my data. I really wish Dotloop would have made the effort to listen.