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Join now and become biggest Original gangsta in town. Build your Crime city to take over the underworld empire.
(More than 1.5 Million downloads worldwide)

Our Players say:
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| "Love is one awesome mafia game with the best bits of all."
| "Addictive, fun and social. Love this game"
| "Soo lovely which makes me dream about a real gangster"

Downtown Mafia - Live to Fight, Fight to Win!
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Plot: A legend returns back to reclaim his old hood... and this time he is gonna take it all. You have Jane (your old flame), Marco (the weapons guy), Luke (he knows his business) and BIG JIM to help you take over the hood.

Game Features
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DTM is one of the most feature rich and diverse mafia RPG ever created.

| Be what you wanna be, HUSTLER, RUNNER or FIGHTER and build your criminal empire.
| Master gang MISSIONS (Jobs) in various cities around the world.
| Become a big time gangsta, FIGHT other mafiosos across other devices and platforms in real-time.
| HIT LIST your enemies for a sweet revenge.
| Gain experience in the gangstaz crime city and progress through UNLIMITED LEVELS.
| Recruit your mob members, BUY new WEAPONS, VEHICLES, ARMOURS and SPECIAL items to arm up your team.
| Earn unique crime REPUTATION (achievements) for reaching specific goals.
| Earn SKILL POINTS, upgrade your ENERGY, STAMINA and ATTACK/DEFENCE POWERs rule the Streetz and build your own crime story.
| Unlock new and exciting missions, powerful weapons and money minting businesses/properties at higher levels.
| Add your favorites to your CRIME FAMILY to keep them close.
| Defeat BOSSES at LEVEL 21 and collect them as your heroes / boss Mercs.
| RIVAL LIST keep tab on your enemies and claim back your honour.

Game Features (GANGS)
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| Join powerful GANGS and rule the TURFS as a team.
| Chat with your GANG and equip powerful GANG ARSENALS
| Engage in GANG WARS and win exciting war rewards.
| Earn Gang's respect become the GANG BOSS... Or start your own GANG and recruit your members build a new team
| Capture other GANG TURFS and assign your own Operator to collect hourly payouts send to all your gang members.
| Capture other GANG OPERATIONS to collect payouts
| Join DEATH MATCHES to war 3 other GANGS simultaneously... winner takes all the rewards.
| Send and receive powerful GANG BACKUPS.
| Find matching gangs with HIT N RUN.
| Fight automated BOSS GANGS and win exciting rewards and new GANG ARSENALS.
| Use FREE HITS to revenge rivals who messed with your gang members.
| Grow your GANG into Cartels.
| Take part in weekly TOURNAMENTS and win respect in the game for your gang and yourself.

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| Sync your account
| Custom Avatars
| In-game player profile & live comments.
| Live leader boards (Mob-level and Global) to see were you stand against the rest of the players.

Other Supported Platforms:
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Desktop Or Mobile Browser:
iOS (iPhone/iPad): Search for "Downtown Mafia" in the Appstore

Help and Support
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Official Facebook Page:
Developer: DYNAMICNEXT (


Version 0.7.30

VERSION: 0.7.30
- Improved rendering performance
- Fixes

VERSION: 0.7.16
- iPhoneX Support
- Sign In With Apple Support
- Improved Attack List with better random opponents

VERSION: 0.6.70
- Latest FB SDK With Security Updates

VERSION: 0.6.62
- iPhoneX Support

VERSION: 0.6.60
- Multi language support, Emoji support
VERSION: 0.6.50

- New Bosses, Missions & Cities.

VERSION: 0.6.30
- Revised DeathMatch Mechanics

VERSION: 0.6.18
- Improved graphics and Optimisations

VERSION: 0.5.65
- Improved FAQ
- Added new GANG ARSENAL items

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.5 von 5
2,408 Bewertungen

2,408 Bewertungen

fist full of boom stick ,

And looking for games for the visually impaired or really for anybody question mark

It is very hard to find a game that will work well for the visually impaired that other people also play. Most of the time those of us with visual problems are relegated to games designed specifically for us. And usually you have to pay out the nose for these games. Not so with this game. It is designed in such a way that anybody can play it. And less you want to you don’t necessarily need to pay anything to play it. It’s very interesting even addictive. Myself I am not usually one to play mobile games. But this one is definitely worth at least trying. I guarantee you once you start playing it you will not stop. It’s just a pity there’s not more games like this out there. The only other game that I found that even compares to this one is called battle cry world of war incidentally also made by the same people.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thanks for the 5-star rating. Hope you continue to enjoy playing our app. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please write to us at We would love to hear from you!


Fun and Easy to Learn

The game isn’t hard to figure out and has a tutorial for new accounts to guide you on your way. It’s not terribly complex but just enough to spur on your competitive
However, there are many of us who have been playing this game daily for years and we get bored having accomplished all of the Boss wars, Achievements and Missions in every city.
The 4 day tournaments get updated often and can be interesting if you have that much time to devote to the game.
If I were to offer an improvement to the game I would ask the Developers to add more challenges as quickly as they can.
I am referring to additional cities, bosses, achievements, etc.
Gamers are constantly looking for a challenge and when our only option for growth are the weekly time consuming tournaments, the next new flashy game that catches our eye could easily catch our wallets as well.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!

KeyserSoze64 ,

Game is a Rip Off !!!

I’ve been playing this app for about 3yrs. Recently my account was banned right after I spent hard earn money on diamonds $100. The reason is because supposedly a bot check popped up and I didn’t respond to it. The bot check is to make sure no one is using scripts I’ve heard. I’ve never once ever cheated on this game. When I email the DEVS I was told to admit what I had done? I told them there was nothing to admit. I told them I run IOS dev betas and maybe that was the reason I didn’t get a bot check pop up that I seen. Hell when it happened I was playing at 11pm central time it was late and I had one eye open. My thing is that if they did create this bot check why didn’t it force close the app when I didn’t respond? No it kept letting me play the game. DEVS decided to not give me my acct back from one offense that again I didn’t have no control over?! Go social media and do your research this game is a rip off of people money. The play favorite to ones who spend big money, apparently mines not enough over the 3-4yrs... 🤬

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Dear player,
Please kindly report your problem or suggestion along with your detailed information through We will check it and solve it as soon as possible.


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