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Первая в своем роде гоночная игра построенная на физическом движке с элементами игр-конструкторов. Построй авто своей мечты и используй безграничные возможности персонализации, какой стиль выбрать - решать тебе. Будет ли это Боевая Классика, БПАН, JDM или что-то еще

В игре тебя ждет:
• Заезды 402 и 804 метра
• Соревнования с реальными игроками
• Разные трассы, начиная от гоночных треков и заканчивая проселочными дорогами
• Огромный выбор запчастей
• Тюнинг в стиле RPG
• Дино-настройки, настройки КПП
• Красивая графика
• Реалистичные характеристики машин и двигателей
• Возможность тонкой настройки подвески
• Возможность использовать как автомат, так и МКПП с педалью сцепления
• Еженедельные турниры с отличными призами
• Активное сообщество игроков

В игре нет назойливой рекламы

Что нового

Версия 2.8.5

- В игру добавлены контракты
- Новые награды в виде авто за выполнение ежемесячных заданий
- Дополнительные награды для игроков с премиумом
- Редизайн экрана мастерской
- Добавлен ТОП по испытаниям
- Шифт лампа и ее настройка будут доступны только после установки чипа (ECU)
- В гонке с боссом добавлена кнопка следующего заезда, теперь не нужно делать несколько лишних переходов по экранам
- Новая трасса в испытаниях
- Графические доработки интерфейса

Оценки и отзывы

3.7 из 5
Оценок: 590

Оценок: 590

Marcb910 ,

Really in-depth and fun.

This is one of the best drag racing games in iOS, it’s in-depth when it comes to engine, tuning, chassis, engine swaps etc. it’s definitely a grind though even if you do purchase in game currency you still have to earn regular fund to even use it most time by racing, which isn’t a bad thing. I would like to see power Lvl match making, or some where where all power lvls could go and find good races with out having to be top tier power. This game has ALOT of potential in it when it comes to future updates hopefully. I have no problem support devs like this by making pitches from time to time to support their work. Also the car selection is VERY big, but they cost a lot which is... more grinding. The community in chat is also very helpful in every aspect. One other down side is the lack of tutorial in many areas, you just have to use common sense to figure out a few thing or ask because it can be confusing with all the different menus and currency and stripping and building a car. I feel you should keep the motor of a car when you disassemble it!!! Not many ppl drag race in the dirt now a days so adding more street or tracks would be a nice touch instead of dirt sometimes. Overall I like this game a lot.

tre1838 ,

Great game

It’s a great game I’m addicted to it I have 2 cars so far an I just hit lvl37 in a Month an a half you have to race a lot to lvl up which I don’t mind but make the payouts better plz you updated the money in the latest update an we appreciate that but the major problem is how it takes 3-4days to lvl up once you hit lvl 23 and PLEASE NO MORE WINTER SEASON IM TIRED OF SPINNING 75% of the Quarter and yes it’s sorta glitchy I mean no games perfect but it freezes on me every week or so an I have to restart the app an I’ve been looking into the drag slicks how come they’re not bigger than 195? Do we not have any bigger Slicks besides the ones you guys want Bucks for? Add better sound quality by that I mean MAKE THE CARS SOUND DIFFERENT my S15 shouldn’t sound like a 4.3 Swap 😢 and make it to where we can hear our opponents we’re racing & lastly CAN WE HAVE A MPH OPTION PLZ but other than those little things Great game on my IPad High Recommend showed my Friend last night an he’s hooked he wouldn’t look up from his phone lol if you don’t like Grindy fine tuning and 2000hp then this isn’t the game for you Ms/Sir 🤨

coPlatnium ,

Highly enjoyable BUT..

Only been playing this game a day or 2 but have been putting plenty and plenty of hours into it. Customization is pretty fair, much better then most games and the racing may be repetitive but is still fun to try and build your cars better and faster. However, most awd vehicles are purchased through Dollars, which are extremely hard to obtain without in app purchasing. As well as gas at higher levels is hard to come by. My biggest complaint is just how time consuming leveling up is. You can jump to roughly 200 hp at level 5-6 really fast but then you just smack a wall. It now takes a hour or two if not more just to level up once. Please adjust!


535.5 МБ

Требуется iOS 11.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



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