Catalog your entire wardrobe on your Mac and never spend hours dressing, undressing, and redressing again with Dress Assistant! See what matches, what doesn’t, and what plain looks good in seconds with this fun virtual wardrobe library before you even set foot into your closet!.

Dress Assistant allows you to catalog your entire wardrobe on your laptop or desktop via photographs and organize them into unique categories to mix, match, and critique at will without any undue hassle. You simply need to photograph your clothes either via your computer’s camera or with your personal digital camera and save them within the application. Once inside the app mixing and matching clothes for any occasion is as simple as selecting the wanted images and dropping them into Dress Assistant’s arranging screen.

Dress Assistant helps busy fashion lovers with the ability to add event’s into the apps calendar where they can save their attire combinations. Users can also save completed clothes combinations and note which occasions or meetings they were perfect for in the past. The app includes an intuitive user interface which is meant to enrich the everyday ritual of choosing clothes to make it both more fun and more efficient.

What’s New

Version 6.2.2

Fixed a bug that caused a crash when dropping some PNG files.

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3.0 out of 5
1 Rating

1 Rating

MatthiasIam ,

Great Start... Needs More

There are a few things really keeping this from being completely usefull. As of right now, Im usinging it, but not the way its intended. Since there arent many options to sort and find things in your wardrobe I am stuck naming all the outfits "casual, semi-formal, and formal" and in the note field I specify the weather the outfit can be used for. Here are a couple of things that NEED to be added and fixed for this to sell. Apon these changes my rating will go to 5 stars. Im am going to list the features that this program needs to have in order to be fully useful.

1) (ADDED WITH 4.1) When the program opens, it opens like I have never even used the program. When I make the window larger, make the items larger in the catagory and outfit list I can see them, when I close the program it goes back to default. This is annoying and should not happen. It should open exactly where and how I left it before I closed the program.
2)(ADDED WITH 4.1) Its great that I can drop in pictures and have them automatically put into my library. Why not be able to drag multiple pictures in. It would make the initial setup much more seemless.
3) A View all feature. There should be a way to view all the items at the same time. That way you can sort all of them.

Sorting features - Without these following abilities, the wardobes are a mess

4) Sort by the overhead weather display. I should be able to press that and for it to auto sort the item and/or the outfit.
5) Like 4 you should be able to specify and sort outfits based on the weather they are best for. This can be as easy as implimenting the same 3 button weather approach that you use for items, for outfits.
6) In the outfits list, there is a lot of wasted space. You should be able to sort the outfit on a magnitude of user preferences, not just name and notes. I have no desire to sort by name or notes.
6a) Sort outfits by last date worn. Events are ok but you have to go into the outfit to see when you last wore it. If there is a quick button that says "Worn Today" and the list updates that would be far more usefull.
6b) Sort outfits by favorite outfit. Items really dont need to be sorted that way, the outfits do.
6c) "View all outfits with this item" I know you have this feature but the way it is implemented is not user friendly. Its more confusing. You should be able to right click and get options of and item. Or in the item view you can hit "View all outfits with this"

7) I like that there is a packing list, but I should be able to drag and drop entire outfits into the packing list. It should sort them by catagory and you should be able to print it out. So when dragging entire outfits, you can quickly pack the items AND see what entire outfits you packed.
8) Duplicate outfits so you can easliy create new combinations.
9) Duplicate catagories so you can have a similar looking picture but with a different name. I dont care for the folded shirt look when I want to specify other items, such as shorts, which there is no picture for. I know you can drop pictures into the catagory but it is still over the folded shirt look.
10) (ADDED WITH 4.1) Sort catagories. This should work similar to how most iphone apps with the black bar at the bottom. I should be able to sort the catagories based on what I use most to be on top. I have added a catagory of shorts that I wear a lot, yet to add to an outfit I keep having to scroll to the bottom. Coats is on top and I rarely use them.
11) An actual sync to the iphone would help. Everytime you change your wardrobe you have to download the entire wardrobe again to your iphone.
I feel that these are extremely useful suggestions that you should use. With all of these implemented, there wont be any more reviews like "not worth the money" that I can see has already detered more than 60 potential buyers.
12) what happened to the amplify feature. If I cant see exactly what Im looking at, I dont know what I put together.

Good luck and look forward to seeing updates!

Vivismom ,

Great Wardrobing App

I've tried out a couple of similar apps on my iphone but was always a little disappointed because the screen size was so small. I've just started to play with this, but right now, it seems to be the best of the batch.

* With each item, you can indicate size and season, making sorting and filtering super easy.
* Because it is on a computer, rather than an iphone, photos are big enough to actually get a sense of how the outfit looks together.
* Love ability to track which outfits were worn for big events with calendaring function
* Packing list allows you to remember what you took for a trip and just replicate what works for the next one.
* Can select from a variety of colors and sort and filter.

To make this work, you have to photograh your wardrobe. Once it is done, it is really helpful to keep track of what looks work across seasons. Huge time savings.

Highly reccomend for folks looking for a wardrobing app.

Sambuhl89 ,


Hey, Dress Assistant is the best way to organize your closet- sort and modify your ENTIRE closet! It is simple and quick to use once you have dragged and dropped all of your items and organized them into categories! I think everyone should get this and if it was my way I would have an IPAD intalled into my wall in my closet and "checkout" what I take out of the closet for the ultimate in organization!! Ha.. *And ORGANIZATION- will truly make you FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF :)


Leonardo Echenique
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macOS 10.14 or later, 64-bit processor



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