Creating drum breaks for snare drum and tenors is finally fast, easy, and fun! No laptops, no expensive subscriptions, no extra plugins, and no 1990's music composition apps made for piano with 500 options that you'll never use. Whether you're in your bedroom or the band room, a bus, or the field, you now have full access to the specific notation you need to compose, edit, playback, save and share snare drum and tenor drum notation with your section, instructor, drumline, and band. All this for one price, forever in your pocket right next to your drum key.

We spend our entire percussive careers playing other peoples music. Isn't about time we start playing our own? This app is on a mission to inspire an entire new generation of music writers who are going to create things this generation never thought was possible. The next winning break, percussion feature, or drill will not come from the top down but from ideas coming from the bottom up.

*Insert stick drop here*

All audio samples were professionally recorded at NoiseFloor Ltd. in Chicago by DCI sound engineer Jamie Vanadia. The snare drum and tenors used were generously provided by Dynasty. The snare is Dynasty's MS-XD14 Marching Snare Drum on an Evans Hybrid drumhead. The tenor drums are Dynasty's MT-680234 Tenor Drums in Corps Configuration with 6 inch and 8 inch shot drums on Evans Corps Clear heads.

Drum Break Creator includes a number of rudiments such as triplets, sextuplets, flams, single stroke 4s, etc. Plus place, accents, doubles, grace notes, buzz notes, rimshots, double stops, as well put in your preferred sticking.

Use the app to create your next standout drum break. Create your drumline's next set of warmups. Write a few new cadences or street beats for that next parade. Use it to better understand the timing and voicing of your music. Play along on your drum pad. For beginners, use it to better understand how to read certain notations. Recreate some of the harder parts of your sheet music to help smooth out the tougher bits of your show.

Every person who downloads this app will have ideas on ways to make it better or more awesome. Feedback is super welcome!! I will continue to add and support the apps into the years to come. Oh, and just to take out one of the more obvious asks bass drums and cymbals are coming as the user base grows.

Hi, I'm the developer of this app and I've been drumming for 32 years. (Woah, I never actually did the math on that) From playing along to records of drum battles of Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich when I was 7, to high school marching band, placing at WGI finals, sleeping on the floor at Glassmen (RIP) auditions, Michigan State's drumline, lessons, instruction, all the way to touring the U.S. several times with my indie-emo band backed by Truth Drums (sans black eyeliner). I've been surrounding myself with musicians who appreciate the sport and the art of marching percussion. I'm very fortunate enough to also know a thing or two about creating software – which somehow still leads me back to drumming. :-D

Happy hacking, and thanks for downloading.

What’s New

Version 1.1

v1.1 - 1 week later and Break Creator just keeps getting better!
• Tenor notation has officially been moved from lines to spaces (it's a long story... let's move on)
• Now change time signature from 4/4 to 3/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
• Add your own measure markers from the add notes tray: this helps with the new time signatures
• Removed automatic measure markers
• Added lowercase stick notations "r" and "l" for those looking to clarify sticking for accents and taps
• Improved ease of note selection in snare
• Minor enhancements and bugs fixes

Thanks for all your feedback so far! If you have more please add it to the website as I'll do my best to roll out features as requests come in.

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

iamisterj ,


Hey! I wanted to try and mess around with various triplet rhythms however I can’t put a rest in any point of the triplet. (for example, having a beat on the first and third notes in the triplet but nothing in the middle.) I really enjoy using the app. There’s a few small technical difficulties such as getting the notes I want to pop up in the right places, but apart from that. Love it!

Developer Response ,

Thanks for the feedback! More tuplet rudiments are coming including one with an eighth nite rest in the middle. Thanks for that feedback. As for note placement shoot some feedback in the website with a little more detail and I’ll look into it. Thanks again for downloading and the support. This app is in its early days so I’m pumped to get this kind of feedback where there are actionable items!

seahostler ,


Love it!!!!! I’ve never written anything before. Please add in some 32nd note rudiments and maybe back sticking and I’ll love you forever.

Developer Response ,

Coming in the next version! Thanks for downloading and glad you are enjoying it!

Stevie phillip ,

Love the concept but somethings could be added or improved to make it better.

I love this app because it’s the simplest and most efficient way to write sheet music for a drumline but there are a good bit of things I’d fix or add.

- I’d love to see the option to create bass drum breaks, it’d be tons of fun.

- There has to be quarter note triplets and the option to leave our triplets.

- I’d also love to see the option to have multiple instruments in a single break to create drum features rather than single instrument breaks/ solos.

- Playback of the breaks could be cleaner/ smoother and more accurate!!!

- For tenors, add the parentheses around the notes that indicate crossovers, it makes reading the music a lot easier and it tells which hand should be the one crossing over.

- There should definitely be the option to write in dynamics.

- There should definitely be the option to write notes played on the rim.

- For tenors there should be the option to write in skanks, not just rim shots.

- There should be the option to add text above measures or notes to indicate things like stick tricks, visuals, where on the drum you should be playing etc.

- There should be the option for tempo/ meter changes.

- There should definitely be the option for rests in triplets.

- Ninelets and 32nd notes should be added.

- Tenuto notes should definitely be added.

-Also for tenors I think there should be the option for different kinds of sticks/ mallets because there is a very specific sound to each one. (This would also apply to basses if added)

- should be the option for more specific tempos, not just tempos in increments of 5.

-There should be the option of quarter note 5-lets

I hope all of these things are considered if not added. I’d love the app 100x more if I saw these on there, but it’s already a good app as it is. I feel like these changes could really positively effect the experience of the app and more people would want to use it, because it is already one of if not the simplest and most efficient way of composing drumline music.

Thank you!

Developer Response ,

Thanks so much for all this feedback! AWESOME. You're in luck that a number of these asks are already underway and almost everything you listed is on the roadmap. I'm about to launch rim clicks, 5 and 9lets are coming, rests in tuplets, 32nd note-maker-upper, as well as once all those things are implemented I'll be rolling in bass drums and cymbals. Thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy all the updates as I quickly roll out new versions of the app.


John Ostler
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Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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