“当我看见 Drummy 时,我知道,这就是我心中颜值最高的节奏创作神器。”——《通俗歌曲》杂志

Drummy 是一款充满创意的节奏创作工具。简洁的设计和直观的操作方式可以让你轻松地创作动感节拍。

有了 Drummy 你也可以像专业音乐制作人、DJ 一样创作高品质的节奏,而且几乎不用花很多时间学习就能上手。很难相信这有多简单,你也能成为音乐人,带着 Drummy 在朋友面前秀一把,用节奏震撼他们。

- 功能特性 -

• 高品质的鼓组音色
19套鼓组和效果采样,可以创作各种最流行的现代音乐风格。鼓组包括 Vintage Kit, Analog Kit, Acoustic Kit, Classic Kit, Electro Kit, Techno Kit, HipHop Kit, Urban Kit, Funk Kit, Break Beat Kit, Percussion Kit 以及 Scratch, Video Game 等特殊音效. 并且我们还会持续的增加更多新的音色。

• 8轨混音器

• 步进音序器

• 鼓垫
8个高度自定义的鼓垫,可以加载整个鼓组,也可以单独为每个鼓垫配置你喜欢的声音。像个鼓手那样随时随地即兴演奏,动次打次 动次打次......

Drummy 的鼓垫还支持外接Midi控制器,可以通过蓝牙、Wifi或USB连接至 Drummy 进行实时演奏,并且通过Midi Learn功能就能轻松完成设置。注:USB 接口的 Midi 控制器仅支持 iPad,并且需要通过相机连接套件(Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter)进行连接。

• 支持 iMessage Extension
不仅可以将制作好的节奏通过 iMessage 分享给好友,还可以在iMessage 中直接创建、编辑新的节奏,并邀约好友一同创作。

• 支持 Inter-App Audio(程序间音频)
可以将 Drummy 中编辑或演奏的音乐录制到其他支持 Inter-App Audio 的应用中,比如 Garageband。

• 支持 Audiobus
如今您可以将实时音频直接串流至其他与 Audiobus 兼容的应用!请参见 http://audiob.us 了解更多信息;

下载 Drummy,马上开始创作你的动感节拍吧!


* Drummy 已针对不同型号的iPhone和iPad进行适配和界面优化,只需一次购买就能在 iPhone、iPod touch 和 iPad 上同时享受不同屏幕的体验。


版本 1.4.1

• 适配 iOS 13;
• 修复已知问题并提升了应用稳定性。


4.8(滿分 5 分)
4 則評分

4 則評分

The percussionist

I love this app so much

I love this app that’s because it makes it so much cooler

Joshua D.

Superb Drum Sequencer.

I am really enjoying this drum sequencer a lot so far. The user interface couldn't be simpler to understand and I really dig the aesthetics as well.

But, what I like most about "Drummy" is how exceptionally easy it is to jump right into the app and create a cool new beat. I would think pretty much anyone could figure out how to use this app right away, regardless of musical experience. You have the different samples to select and a grid to lay them down on, not very complicated in my opinion. Plus, you also have a simple equalizer and a sample pad section where you can play live with your created beats. Plus, having the ever-brilliant, Audiobus compatibility is just icing on this sonic cake I think.

I believe that the sample presets included in the app are really good actually, offering a wide variety of music genres. Though, I would ask please and hope, that the developer would please add new presets in future updates, I can never get enough different sounds hehe. I especially like the "Video Game" and "Effects" presets.

So, in conclusion, I find this application a great place to quickly lay down a beat that is stuck in your head and a really nice experience to have without too many feature distractions. I would highly recommend this app to other customers and I find it to be well worth the current asking price. Thanks and God bless.

iPad Air 2/ iOS 8.3


Great & Simple

I had been looking for a drum machine like this for practicing keyboard so I could have more interesting rhythms than the tic-toc of the metronome. This is. You can quickly make good beats w a variety of instrument sounds. No fuss and no useless extra feature that get in the way of a good interface. The only reason this isn't a 5 star review is because I wish it could do odd time signatures. Other than that it is perfect!


Sonar Multimedia Co., Ltd.
40.8 MB

系统要求:iOS 10.0 或更高版本。兼容设备:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。





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