DSLR Camera 4+

The complete photo & video app

Fulvio Scichilone

Progettata per iPad

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Perfect Photos and Videos, 200+ Filters, Manual and RAW.
Advanced Ai features, Advanced Portrait, Bokeh, Predictive Filters, Siri Shortcuts, AR, Photo Editor and Multicam

DSLR Camera for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iMessage the complete app for Photo and Video with Manual Controls, Advanced Editor and 200+ Professional Filters.
You can shoot and record with the full advantage of the camera on your device, for spectacular shots and videos even at night.

• Constantly updated since 2014 to ensure better performance

- Most downloaded app in 30 World Stores
- Selected like "App of the Day" in many world stores

Made with love in Sicily

The app is designed to be used by beginners and experts.

3 modes:
Auto Mode - for automatically perfect photos and videos

Manual Mode - modifies: Shutter Times, ISO Sensitivity, Manual Focus, Manual WB
P Mode - to shoot and record, choose perfect exposure quickly and easily

Then only one with AI to predict the best filters for your photo

• Perfect shots and videos
DSLR Camera offers you the ability to capture and film your subjects, automatically with the ability of controlling manual function to control shooting time and ISO.
The controls are designed to be simple and complete

• Hand Timer
Use your hand to tell your iPhone how many seconds to wait before taking a shot

Shot beautiful photographs in RAW format for a Professional quality

• Predictive Filters
A powerful feature that automatically select the filters most appropriate for your photos

• AR Portrait
Take unique portraits using the LiDAR sensor and AR.
Easily place stickers and graphics between the subject and the background, adjust the blur and enjoy the new photo taking experience.

• Bokeh
Take shots by adjusting the intensity of the blur and the depth at which the effect is applied.

• Widgets
Use exclusive widgets that automatically select and improve every shots

• AR Assistant
Use the augmented reality to study and choose the best point of view for your photo or video.
Use the tutorial to learn various photographic techniques

• Siri Shortcuts
Control the app with the voice
You can say "Hey Siri filter last shot" and Siri will automatically use a predictive filters to correct your photo

• Advanced Focus

Choose the focus to highlight the subject using Focus Macro to capture even minute details, Focus "Infinity" to perfectly define subjects that are far away.

• AFC - No more blurry photos

Hold down a point of the frame to track the subject you chose and DSLR Camera app will focus on what you have chosen.

• Face Tracking - Selfie and Perfect Portraits

Faces in your photos will always be at the right brightness

• Selfie Comparison
Thanks to ML the app evaluate face quality in a picture to help you in selecting the best shot

• Music Filters
This exclusive feature creates and recommends filters based on the music you are listening to and the mood of the moment.

• Dual Filter
The Dual Filter feature allows you to correct and post-produce the subject and background separately.

• Advanced Editor

Edit easily all your photos thanks to the integrated editor.
 Photo Editor is fast and complete, allowing you to make your shot even better. You can adjust: Exposure, Contrast, Lights, Shadows, Color Temperature, Saturation, Vividness, Structure, Sharpness, Photo Noise, and Vignette.
Complete with all the Tools to resize, crop, and adjust your photos.

• 200+ Filters
200+ exclusive Photo Filters to make your photo unique

• Cinematic Videos
Select recording quality and take videos in 4k, lock exposure, for a cinematic result

• MultiCam
You will be able to take photos and record videos using two cameras simultaneously, to obtain unique and innovative results

• iMessage App

• Apple Watch Remote

DSLR Camera also offers: 3 Shots mode, Predictive Filters, AFC, RAW (DNG), Manual Controls, Photo Editor, 200+ Photo Filters, 3D Touch Support, 4k Video, Manual Focus, Night Mode, Auto WB, Jump Shot, Timer, Photos Effect, Tone Curves, Advanced Blur, Advanced Correction Tools, Text, Splash, Resize, Crop, Dual Camera Zoom, Digital Zoom, Selfie Flash.

Easy, Complete and Powerful!


Versione 10.6

The new version of the app has been updated to enhance the user experience, introducing new features that fully leverage new iOS 17 and of the new devices.

• Widgets
Widgets have been improved to incorporate new iOS capabilities: interactivity, standby mode, animation, and cross-device compatibility. The AI models used for selecting and filtering photos are now smarter and faster.

• TipKit
With TipKit that will help you discover all the functions of the app

• Subject Lifting Feature for Sticker Creation
Now you can effortlessly transform subjects into stickers for your creative projects

• Visual Look Up
The app now supports the Visual Look Up feature from new iOS.

• Capture speed improved
With the integration of new API updates, the app's capture process has become three times faster.

• AI processes
The features that utilize Vision have been enhanced, offering more robust image segmentation, body pose, hand pose, and more.

• New HDR Support:
Every views have been optimized to utilize iOS's new HDR system.

• Asynchronous Operation for CoreML Implementation
The app has integrated asynchronous operations for its CoreML processes, optimizing performance and responsiveness when using machine learning capabilities.

• Integration of New SF Symbols
The UI has been updated to incorporate new symbols.

Previous update:
The Predictive Filters have been completely updated and the Music Sticker Editor also has a host of new features and options to personalize and improve any photograph.
A new interface and a new user experience have been designed to make AI-driven photo correction simple and immediate.

Thanks to the thousands of feedback received, one of the most beloved features of the app has become even better.
With improved ML models and a new interface logic, the app has become much faster and the filters even more precise.

Integration is complete: during shooting, for the correction of a photo from the roll, and from the widgets that automatically select and improve the best shot right on the home screen.
The app is becoming smarter and fully respects privacy, creating and suggesting corrections directly on the device, without any external service.

With a simple tap, every photo will become unique thanks to the new version of the Predictive Filters.

If you are listening to a song during the editing of a photograph, the app will create and suggest filters based on the mood you are in based on the recognized song and you will be able to add stickers and elements to personalize each image.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,7 su 5
2.784 valutazioni

2.784 valutazioni

starfox galaxy ,

Not close to my fujifilm but i love it

I won't deny it. I feel like my fujifilm is an extension of my arms and my imagination but it can't to everywhere with me. But when all I have is my phone, it's this one camera app I go to every time. Not my iPhone camera. Why? Not just the manual controls but the way the manual controls are done. So easy to reach everything. No fancy stupid nonsense like other apps. Just controls and end of story. I don't take photos as a gimmicky way to pass time. This app was made by people who understand those of us who express our emotions and thoughts through photos but staying simple and keeping out of the way so we can be ourselves without struggling to figure out controls.

Techno-nut ,

Feature rich, but output resolution disappointing

After all the hype in the AppStore, I spent my $.99 and was pleasantly surprised to find such a feature rich app, both for taking photos, and editing images after the fact. While I take very few photos using an I-device, on my iPad and iPad Pro I edit “real” DSLR images usually in the 16-24mp range depending on which camera they come from. While I really like the feature set of this app, I was really disappointed to find the output resolution being throttled by the limits of the devices graphics processor, i.e., a maximum of 4096 px on either side yielding about a 11.2 mp for a rectangular aspect image. Downsampling a 24mp image to 11mp is a real disappointment from a printing perspective. It makes little difference for social media, e-mailing and web apps, but it defeats the purpose of having hi-res images for printing large size prints. Maybe in new devices, Apple has improved the on-board graphics engine, but since so many other excellent apps have worked there way around this hardware shortcoming, it seems like such a robust app as this deserves better.

ilarasa on twitter ,

Turn your phone into an amazing camera

I own a 6 (old) my camera was not taking good selfies. I researched and found this app. Read the reviews and compared. I am amazed at how beautiful the pictures came out. My budget is tight but this was the best purchase. It doesn’t slow me down. I can even take video with filters. My favorite is the predicative filters feature. It helps me decide the best filter or I can choose from many others. My selfies are not grainy and I love, love, love this app. I even use it to fix other photos. I highly recommend this app. 5 Stars

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Black & White collection
Black & White collection
24 B&W filters - Make every photo gorgeous

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Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Diagnostics

Le procedure per la tutela della privacy possono variare, per esempio, in base alle funzioni che usi o alla tua età. Ulteriori informazioni

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