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As music composer, creating a game is a great task, and more to keep updated, but I love this game so I made an effort and corrected a lot of little bugs in the game.

You think you can win a duel of drums?

A game that will get free the musician inside you, where you will put the best of your abilities to memorize rhythms along much music, and levels that gradually will require more perfection.

Each level has 4 songs, and each requires that you complete the previous one with a good evaluation.

Game modes

You have 2 options to play:
- Duel: Memorizes and repeats what the percussionist play.
- Solo: Play guided by points on the drums.

Each song has a short section with help at first, and then this help is removed, so you need to use your memory. The help consists of points on the drums you need to touch.


You can earn 4 types of trophy:

- Wood
- Bronze
- Silver
- Gold

You will get every trophy based on the number of bad, good, or perfect touches executed during a song.

* Pay attention to the unlock requirements of each song.


Every time your level of damage reaches zero, you will enter in earning coin mode. You will earn 1 coin for every good touch, and 2 coins for each perfect touch. These coins will accumulate in each game mode separately. Whether you earn coins in Duel Mode, or Solo mode, each mode will have its own number of accumulated coins.

The coins obtained serve to help with unlocking every fourth song, at every level.

When you no longer have to unlock more songs with coins, coin collection feature will be deactivated in the app.

See you in duel!


Versión 1.2

A lot of little bugs fixed, also a few new graphic elements.
More great updates to come.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,0 de 5
21 valoraciones

21 valoraciones

Peter Hayle ,

Great, cant wait for more updates

I wish character customization was in it and that level design were implemented a bit more with the player in mind like choosing your background etc. but great game. Works amazing, nice job.

DevynAelis ,

Almost had me :/

This was going great until the second song on level 2 (be patient or something). The songs just before that I got over 100 perfects without looking at the circles and just listening for the beat. I can't even do it for that level because the music isn't synced to the timing. I even tried hitting perfectly when the circle was over the marker and it still said I was wrong. I've been playing rhythm games for years so this stuff is second nature to me. Please fix the sync and i'll gladly redownload and even put out money towards the game. This has a lot of potential.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hello. This problem was corrected in the update already released. Thanks for your feedback.

Tacozilla ,

Music out of sync

I tested several songs because 50% of the time I would get perfects and the other 50% for the same song I would miss almost every note. Half of the time the song starts before the LISTEN message goes away and before the guy hits the drum so the song just sounds completely out of sync. I can restart the song multiple times until it starts at the same time with the drummer but I can't recommend a game that can't sync music properly for a rhythm game.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi, this bug was corrected in the new update of the game, already released. Thanks for your feedback.

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