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DWG Viewer 3D is a tool for quickly viewing and printing 2D and 3D CAD files and supports all versions of DWG and DXF, as well as quickly converting .dwg and .dxf files to PDF, which adds some 3D graphics operation to DWG Viewer 2D.

Languages for CAD: Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Baltic, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean.

Main features:

1. Double-click to open the local CAD file.
2. Drag to change the position of the view.
3. Zoom the view:
Zoom in and out by clicking on the zoom button.
Roll the mouse to zoom in and out of the view.
Zoom Extents: zoom the view to the maximum extent.
Zoom Window: zoom the selected view to the window.
4. Rotate the view:
Rotate the view 90 degrees counterclockwise,
Rotate the view 180 degrees counterclockwise,
Rotate the view 90 degrees clockwise.
5. Free dynamic observation: look at objects from different perspectives.
6. Switch the background color of the view.
7. 3D View:
Face Top, Face Bottom, Face Left, Face Right, Face Front, Face Back.
Face SW, Face SE, Face NW, Face NE.
8. Print the view.
Print the current view.
Print the selected view through Zoom Window.
Print the entire view through Zoom Extents.
Change the paper type and size, similar to AutoCAD printing.
9. Save .dwg and .dxf files as PDF.
10.3D Mode
Users can set different 3D display, such as Wireframe, HiddenLine, FlatShaded etc.

Note: Set the default open mode for .dwg and .dxf files, users can double-click to open the local cad files.

We regularly update the product, if you have any questions or suggestions, please send a message to the mailbox(moonlight_beauty@yeah.net), or leave a message on our website.

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版本 4.1

Version 4.1
● Support for macOS Monterey ( support arm64 ).
● Solve the problem of layout switching.


2.3(满分 5 分)
3 个评分

3 个评分


Won’t open a basic .dwg file

Attempted to open a .dwg file (only 11MB in size) and it is telling me the file type is unsupported. Complete waste of my money. I’d like a refund.


Hi, sorry for this question, can you send your .dwg files to our email(moonlight_beauty@yeah.net), we will try to solve this problem, thanks..


Works great, solid PDF exports

Used to use Adobe Illustrator to open and view DWG files, this app is much faster and has worked on everything I've tried it on.


doesnt work

Bought basic dwg converter but file is larger than 100k so it instructed me to purchase 3D viewer which I did and it still doesnt open, please advise ASAP


Hello, sorry for this question, view and convert are different features, viewing files require 2D Viewer Pro or 3D Viewer Pro, and it contains a quick conversion to PDF

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