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EASA OPS rules for Flight Time Limitations (FTL) are valid since 18.02.2016.

EASA FTL Calc helps you to calculate
- cockpit and cabin limits
- actual and maximum flight duty periods (FDP)
- latest on-block times
- duty periods (DP)
- actual and minimum rest times
- state of acclimatization
- commanders discretion
- disruptive schedules
- required local nights at your home base
- extended recovery rest periods
- cumulative duties for 7/14/28 days

It considers
- standby and airport standby
- extension of cabin FDP due to earlier reporting time
- delayed reporting
- in-flight rest for cockpit and cabin (different rules)
- split duty
- extension
- positioning
- time zone differences
- company minimum rest times
- your home base
- "back to back" operation

You don't have to know time zones
- simply select an airport from the database
- time zone is determined by airport and date
- select only reporting airport of first duty day
- and the resting airport per duty day
- next reporting airport will be your last resting airport
- your home base will be known (preferences)

Cabin and cockpit limits
- may have different reporting times
- in-flight rest is different
- are calculated independently

- are stored automatically
- are shown in an own table
- with FDPs and rest times overview
- for cockpit and cabin
- on iPad in a split view

XML Import
- Rosters of BA only

Roster Buster Import
- direct import
- calendar import

Direct App Import
- MyRoster for crew by Lumabyte
- RosterworX
- NASImport

Calendar Import
- RosterBuster
- OffBlock
- s-FlightLog 2002
- universal (calendar entries must be events of duty days)


Verze 2.1.0

new "Cumulative Duties" Warning
- amber row will be displayed in the left "Rotation Pane"
- touching it will display the "Cumulative Duties List" and scroll to the appropriate entry

"Extended Recovery Rest" Warning
- touching it will now scroll also to the appropriate entry

new "Max FDP Exceeded" Warning
- added to affected rotations as amber text in the left "Rotations" pane

new "Min Rest Not Achieved" Warning
- added to affected rotations as amber text in the left "Rotations" pane

"Overlapping Times" Warning
- renamed "Invalid Date/Time" to "Overlapping Times"
- added an info view

iOS 13 adjustments
- support of "swipe down to close gesture"
- fixed old app colors after using an action menu
- minor display fixes

Info Pages
- support of swipe down to close" gesture in iOS 13
- added and reworked additional info and rules pages

State of Acclimatization after "Positioning Only"
- report time of "Positioning Only" wasn't respected after crossing ≥4 timezones and resting ≥ 48 hours
- "Positioning Only" will now be handled like every flight duty to determine the state of acclimatization

Fatigue Risk Management
Splitted FRM in Prefs section into:
1) max FDP under FRM in unknown state of acclimatization
2) reduced rest under FRM
Both presets are independent.

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3.5 z 5
Hodnocení: 4

Hodnocení: 4

designkj ,

Precise and problem solving

This app is a little confusing when you first begin to use it but then it is really good and precise. This matter is complicated in nature so probably it will never be a simple solution. The import option on duty times is a lifesaver... I recommend this for all EASA pilots who want to keep track of duty limits.

Av8rgene ,

Dazed and confused

This app is way too confusing. Don’t waste your money or time.


Ralf Keber
31.4 MB

Je požadován iOS 9.2 a novější. Kompatibilní se zařízením iPhone, iPad a iPod touch.





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