* An interactive learning tool for elementary & middle schools kids.
* Get 7 apps for the price of 4. Includes all content from the 7 "easyLearn" apps on each of the 8 parts of speech in English Grammar.
* Thousands of questions (Common Core & much more).

App includes...

1. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the correct answer to a question, with 2, 3 or 4 answer choices.
2. TRUE/FALSE: Indicate whether a given sentence is true or false.
3. TYPE ANSWER: Type the answer to a question using the keyboard.
4. FILL IN THE BLANKS: Choose the best answer that fits in the blank space to make a correct sentence.
5. SELECT WORDS: Select certain words in the sentence according to the instruction.
6. CAPITALIZE WORDS: Select certain words in the sentence according to the instruction, in order to capitalize them.
7. SORT WORDS: Sort the items (words or phrases) into two groups.
8. MATCHING PAIRS: Match the items on the left column to the items on the right column to make pairs.
9. UNSCRAMBLE WORDS: Move the words to the correct positions within the sentence, in order to form a correct sentence.
10. PUNCTUATIONS: Insert all the necessary punctuations one at a time in their correct positions in a sentence.
1. LEARN MODE: Contains short lessons to get an overview of the topic.
2. PRACTICE MODE: Contains at least 20 quizzes with an average of 20 questions in each quiz. In each quiz, find and learn the correct answer to each question, improve your skills and prepare yourself for the “Test” mode.
3. TEST MODE: Contains all the quizzes that are available in "Practice" mode. Select your answer for each question in the quiz, and get your scores in the end. Score categories are: “correct”, “partly correct”, “wrong” and “no answer”.
4. ANSWER MODE: Available after completing the "Test" mode. Compare your selected answers with the correct answers using “My Answers” and “Correct Answers” tabs.

• What are Nouns?
• Proper & Common Nouns
• Singular & Plural Nouns
• Possessive Nouns
• Countable & Uncountable Nouns
• Abstract, Concrete, Compound, Verbal & Collective Nouns
• Collective Nouns from Adjectives
• Pronouns
• Mixed Reviews

• What are Pronouns?
• Personal (Subject & Object) Pronouns
• Using I and Me
• Possessive Pronouns
• Demonstrative, Interrogative, Relative, Reflexive & Indefinite Pronouns
• Agreement with Antecedent
• Mixed Reviews

• What are Adjectives?
• Adjectives of Quality & Quantity
• Comparatives & Superlatives
• Common, Proper, Attributive, Predicate, Demonstrative, Possessive & Interrogative Adjectives
• Collective Nouns from Adjectives
• Articles
• Order of Adjectives
• Adjectives vs. Adverbs
• Mixed Reviews

• What are Prepositions?
• Prepositional Phrases
• Objects of Prepositions
• Object Pronouns in Prepositional Phrases
• Prepositions of Time, Place, Manner & Agent
• Prepositions with Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs
• Unnecessary Prepositions
• Prepositions in Parallel Form
• Mixed Reviews

• What are Verbs?
• Action Verbs
• Main & Helping Verbs
• Linking Verbs
• "Be" & "Have" Verbs
• Regular & Irregular Verbs
• Past Participle Verb Forms
• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Problem Verbs
• Verbs with Direct Objects
• Verb Contractions
• Mixed Reviews

• What are Adverbs?
• Adverbs of Manner, Time, Frequency, Place, Completeness & Degree, Purpose & Probability
• "When", "Where", & "How" Adverbs
• Comparative & Superlative Adverbs
• Forming Adverbs from Adjectives
• Adverbs modifying adjectives & other adverbs
• Adverbs vs. Adjectives
• Position of Adverbs
• Adverbial Clauses & Phrases
• Mixed Reviews

• What are Conjunctions?
• Coordinating, Subordinating & Correlative Conjunctions
• Conjunctive Adverbs
• Punctuation for Conjunctions
• Mixed Reviews

• What are Interjections?
• Interjections & Emotions
• Punctuation for Interjections
• Mixed Review

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