Eat it up‪!‬ 12+

Stick your tongue out‪!‬

OHM Games

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Clean everything as fast as you can!

The magical creature needs to clean each structure to reach the holy safe!

If you want to go faster, you can stick your tongue and reach the next platforms but be careful not to touch the obstacles! If you are good enough, you may unlock many coloured skins and hidden surprises!

One-tap easy-to-learn controls with stunning visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.


Version 1.13

- Discover or rediscover Eat it Up with new graphics!
- Do your best to reach the magic tree and grow it!
- General optimization.

Notes et avis

4,7 sur 5
8,7 k notes

8,7 k notes

LilySpeelman ,

A game where I’m not flooded with ads.

I love that this game based on ones strategy and helps the mind figure out the right time to gulp down the little dots that probably represent colorful flys. And unlike other games IM NOT FLOODED WITH ADS!!! I love the little boosts that you get as well. The game becomes so much more colorful then! And I also love that there’s a working gem and level up system, I am saving up for the dragon skin! Ready or not dragon, here I come! > :3

abby.pariso ,

Needs change...

There is way to many adds, at this point I am putting my phone in airplane mode because there are so many. The skins should be less expensive and when ever I put a skin on, every time it goes back to the first skin I had that I was given for free in the beginning and I am sure I saved it. Last but surreally not lest, the game gets boring after about an hour! I played this for an hour and honestly, I am bored out of my mind. The only reason I gave the game a two star and not a one star is because it is super easy to get gems. And I love frogs but that not important! Over all, it an ok game

th red lady ,

Good but could be better

So the games petty good but I Personally think that the prices for the skins should be low. The levels are kind of boring and fun at the same time. Sure if you want to buy this game do you can , But you may get bored of it. But hey that’s just my opinion, you get skins you have fun and a bunch of other stuff too. And I have a question for you, how are you know when you’re going to reach the treasure box or whatever because I don’t like to know.

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