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You are not your thoughts.

Stop for a while and breathe. This is the main exercise to get started with mindfulness.

People often focus on calorie counting, tracking steps and other physical fitness goals, but they often forget about their mental well-being. Make a few minutes a day of Conscious-Connected-Breath to improve your mental and physical health. The simplest way to get mindfulness.

ECNMBreathe is a simple free application to help you to have a healthier life through the habit of breathing while connected to yourself. Is really easy to use, just set up the time of the cycle you want to keep breathing and start, the images, sound and vibration will help you to just keep your focus on the rithm and breathing.

Start living in a different way...

ECNM Breathe supports different options:

- Standard breathing
- Pranayama breathing
- Your own defined pattern

White noise

- Water noise
- Sea noise
- Forest noise
- Others

Photos downloaded from Internet

- Nature Pic of the day
- Photos based on the white noise you choose

Several visual option

- Night mode
- Guided mode
- No creen blocking option


- Reminds you once a day, the days you choose

Enjoy, and pls, give us a positive review if you like this app ;-)

Что нового

Версия 3.0

We are happy to provide you some new cool features:

White noise:
- Sounds from the forest
- Sounds from the sea
- Water sounds
- Fire sounds

Diferent photos depending on teh sounds:
- Each type of sounds is bounded to some dynamic photos downloaded from internet.

Reminders & notifications:
- Now is possible to setup a reminder each day of the week to remind you taking some time to stop and breathe for a while.
- A badge in the icon will remind you to stop and breathe if you miss the reminder

Corrected some other minor bugs, of course ;-)
And some minor hiden features and easter eggs for our students.


Alejandro Ramon Cornet
65.2 МБ

Требуется iOS 10.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.


английский, испанский, каталанский



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