Ecobot Collector Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
96 Ratings

96 Ratings

Walleye65x ,

Great app

I’m very happy with this app. It provides a standardized format for data entry in the field and minimizes editing and production of professional quality data sheets in the office. I estimate that when data is written by hand in a field notebook, on average 30-60 minutes is needed in the office to create electronics data sheets, proofread, edit and finalize. With Ecobot, each data sheet requires just a few minutes of office time to finalize.

Several features of this app stand out that are worth mentioning:
- the app can be used for delineations in any Corps district. Once the region is selected, the appropriate vegetation list, hydrology and Hydric soil indicators, and data sheet format are automatically selected.
- basic project info is entered once then can be copied to all subsequent data sheets for that project.
- the app can pull up online soil survey and NWI data to populate those fields.
- 50/20 and other vegetation calculations are automatically calculated.
- plant species can be entered through a call up menu with appropriate indicator status. If you don’t have a positive ID in the field you can enter a colloquial name to record data and edit later when the plant has been definitively identified.

The Ecobot team provides great customer service. Any questions or concerns are addressed immediately. They are clearly committed to providing a quality product and are responsive to suggestions on how to improve the app.

EOR Iowa ,

Just what we were looking for!

This app is exactly what we’ve been looking for for several years. It includes everything you need to complete efficient and accurate wetland delineations. The app is well thought out, intuitive, accurate, fast, and efficient.

Ecobot has streamlined our field data collection as well as our office post-processing time. We’re able to pass along our time savings to our clients in addition to providing a higher quality product.

Lee and his team provide excellent customer service and support and are genuinely interested in providing a product that adds value to our work.

mntnwmn94 ,

Huge time saver

This app completely changed how we conduct delineations- it’s ridiculously easy to use and has helped save time both in field and especially through the QA/data form finalization process. We’re working on rolling this out company wide and can’t see ever going back to the software we were using before. The whole Ecobot team has been great to work with and super supportive since the start. Thanks for building such a strong support tool!

abstlyhnst ,

Excellent app

Ecobot has helped us tremendously! Streamlined data forms, quick and easy organization of data with ease of use and accessibility throughout the company! Not to mention the staff has continuously reached out to make sure everything has been running sufficiently and that we are happy with the product! Overall a wonderful company to work with and great application!

mariner24 ,

Huge time saver!

Tons of time saved in the office. Forms are completed in the field and QA is so easy for us now.
Really loving the vegetation lookup tool, as i don’t always know the full name and/or correct spelling.
Recent addition of boundary mapping is really making a big difference too!
Anytime i’ve had questions the Ecobot team has been super responsive and taken time to help me through it. Thanks!

twilkins9 ,

Perfect for Wetland Professionals

I use this app for work as a wetland delineator and it’s awesome. Takes a bit more time out in the field to use the app as opposed to filling out data sheets or writing notes, but saves so much time on the back end in the office putting together data sheets. The final product is professional and clean. Customer service is always fantastic.

carex sp ,

Great app really good for delineations!

I really like all of the features of the app and how it eliminates post processing data sheets! It is really cool how you can look up vegetation and it auto calculates the dominance test and prevail ace index for you. Would use again!