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edjing Mix is a virtual DJ pro that allows you to mix music like a true DJ. With its turntable interface and DG technology, you can easily create mashups and song mixes like a pro. Whether you're a seasoned DJ or just looking for a fun DJ game to try, edjing Mix is the perfect app for you.

Access millions of tracks coming from Beatport, SoundCloud Go +, iTunes and your Cloud sources, and remix in an instant with more than 20 DJ fx and features. Not to mention the sampler and the hardware integration to go even further.

* ‘edjing Mix offers the same capability of a pro DJ software except with the convenience of being on a device that fits in a pocket.’ - DJ Tech Tools
* 'A super portable digital setup' - DJ Worx


- Mix with more than 70 million tracks thanks to your musical libraries
- Compatibility with Beatport, SoundCloud Go +, iTunes, Google Drive, Dropbox, Files, iCloud Drive, files and more to come !*
- Dedicated section "My sets" to retrieve your playlists, sets and recorded mixes
- Smart search feature and queue system
- Library analysis to save the BPM of your local tracks
- Advanced sorting: ABC, BPM, or Time
- iPad dedicated design: displays the music library, the queue and the turntables, with drag & drop gestures


- automatic BPM detection
- SMART EQ: instantly isolate vocals, percussions and instruments of any tracks
- manual adjustment of the BPM of your tracks (Tap BPM)
- continuous sync between your tracks
- little audio spectrum to navigate in your music
- wide audio spectrum for optimised beat detection
- pro audio FX: Echo, Flanger, Reverse, Filter
- audio FX expansion (in-app purchase): Roll, Roll Filter, Steel, Gate, Double Beat, Phaser, Color Noise, Beatgrid, Band pass, Band stop, Reverb
- loops: from 1/64 to 128, or customizable
- cue point on the main interface
- set up to 8 Hot Cues on each deck
- automated audio FX sync on the BPM (loop, cue, seek)
- EQ three bands and Gain
- Smart Volume that automatically adjusts the volume and gain of the two tracks playing
- pitch control and key lock
- Pre-cueing stereo with headphones (in-app purchase)
- Automix
- a 'Slip' mode for Loops and Scratch
- HD recording in .aiff format
- set the vinyl inertia, and the starting speed of the vinyl
- crossfader curve adjustement
- 4 skins for your turntables (in-app purchase): Diamond, Gold, Neon, Metal
- Apple watch: access the BPM & 4 DJ effects, and start your transitions
- intuitive interface with direct and quick access to all the essential features
- apply two audio FX at the same time on each deck
- reorder the FX lists to customize the panel as it suits you best

- The first DJ MASTER CLASS on mobile with video and exercises to practice. Discover the DJ World and DJ Basics with DJ Carlo Atendido.
- TRAINING: Practice mixing through simple lessons covering all the basics

- compatible with your time coded and standard audio vinyls
- MIDI support with DDJ-200

- No recording available for streamed songs. Streaming service availability and pricing may vary depending on country, currency and service.
- edjing Mix can not access tracks from the Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer streaming services.
- To use songs from iCloud in edjing Mix you need to download them first via the Music app. DRM-protected songs are not supported.

The Pro subscription allows you access all the present and upcoming Pro features such as Pre-cueing, Smart EQ, Automix, Double FX. It gives you access to all the Pro and regularly updated content: edjing Tracks catalog, DJ School Master Classes, audios samples.


Privacy Policy & Terms of Service: http://edjing.com/public/files/tos/edjing.html

Follow us on:
Website: www.edjing.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/edjingApp
Instagram: http://instagram.com/edjingofficial/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/edjing

Feel free to contact our Team: edjing@mwmapps.com


Versión 8.01.02

Official Release of the Brand New "Essential" edjing Layout
We're excited to introduce the Essential layout, designed for ease and intuitiveness. Built by pro DJs, this new layout empowers starter DJs to mix anything effortlessly, without needing any prior DJ skills. Dive into the world of DJing with confidence and creativity!

"Essential" Layout and AI Music Source Separation
Now under your fingertips, AI-powered music source separation allows anyone to create powerful medleys on the go. Unleash your inner DJ and craft unique mixes with precision and ease, thanks to our advanced AI technology.

Seamless Layout Switching
Switching between the new Essential layout and the Pro layout - the one you've know all this years on edjing - has never been easier. With just a tap, you can transition to the Pro layout for a more complete and complex DJing experience. Whether you need the simplicity of the Essential layout or the full feature set of the Pro layout, you have the flexibility to choose the setup that suits your needs best.

Bug Fixes
We've addressed several bugs to enhance your overall experience. Enjoy a smoother, more reliable performance as you mix and create.

Update now and experience the next level of DJing with edjing!

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4,6 de 5
152,9 mil valoraciones

152,9 mil valoraciones

Gdhdf ,

oh noooo not soundcloud whyyyyy

I’ve given this a 4 star rating considering the amount of fun this app has given me throughout the years I’ve owned it. I’ve always enjoyed mixing EDM music and making sets like I was playing a festival. Not to brag but I got super good at it and would dedicate hours to finding the best cues to mix every song together.

Anyways I took a break and came back just today to see that the option to play Soundcloud audio is now exclusive to its paying members. That was where all of my hundreds of songs were stored but now they are all locked since I am not a Soundcloud Go member or whatever it is. Anyways it is probably out of the developers hands and a decision from the people of Soundlcoud, but I’m just super sad to see that my years of making cues and creating sets has been destroyed. Great app though 😓😭. If it is not out of their hands I would love to see an option to play those Soundcloud tracks sometime in the future, but for now I guess I quit cause I don’t wanna make a trash can sounding MP3 audio for every song I want to mix.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We're deeply sorry for the inconvenience but Soundcloud policy has changed.
You now have to get an active Soundcloud Go+ subscription to use it in edjing Mix.
Thank you for your comprehension. Alice

Don't look at me lil'puppet ,

They only care about making money

How about an update to the Mixfader app? The only reason I am asking that question here is because we (the Mixfader users) get no response over there. I find it disgusting that the Mixfader app was abandoned. The people who want to scratch don’t matter to MWM it seems. I have a turntable setup with Phase so I do not need nor want this app but, I would like updates to the Mixfader app because sometimes I just want to do a couple of drills or work on some patterns for a short while. I would be willing to pay a one time fee for a serious update. People still use and really like the app but this company doesn’t know that because the Mixfader app means nothing to you because it doesn’t make money which means the people who want to just scratch aren’t important. We clearly aren’t big enough of a market for you to care. The Mixfader is great, Phase is amazing, this app is good for what it does but it’s clear money is above anything else, the fanbase means nothing. I would not suggest any of your products to anyone. I will direct them to read the reviews on the Mixfader app so they can see how it was abandoned, then tell them to read the reviews here so they can see that money is the only thing that matters. I do not want a response from anyone if it’s going to be the same robotic “ thank you for responding…if you have an issue…blah, blah, blah”. I would prefer you just tell the truth that MWM is only interested in the money.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Dear user,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We understand your concerns regarding Mixfader and we apologize for any inconvenience caused, we tranfsered your comment to the competent team.

We want to assure you that we value all of our users and their feedback. While we prioritize updates based on user demand and feasibility, we understand your frustration about the lack of updates for the Mixfader app. As said previously, your feedback has been taken into consideration for future updates.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best regards,

F C Creative Workshop, Inc. ,

I already bought the full version of Edjing once.

I am not sure what has happened but I purchased the full version of Edjing once a few years ago. Now they keep asking me to purchase the “pro pack” again and again. I have already been down this road twice and don’t feel that it’s right for you to limit my abilities yet again. It’s such a good app with a few major exceptions. 1. I am supposed to be able to access my personal music library and it won’t let me. In the past Edjing has told me that they can’t allow copyrighted material. Strange, if I have a copy, I am licensed to use it for mixing. I just can’t sell copies of it. I cater to a much older crowd who is not interested in rap or hip hop music. Be nice if I could use my own library. 2. For some reason lately, the app has been skipping and missing spots in the music a lot. When I try to do a recording, it messes up almost all the time. Sad, it didn’t used to do that. 3. Now I can’t even use most of the sound effects. So much for having once purchased the full version of Edjing. It was very good, now it’s having a lot of trouble working well and giving me what I have already rightly paid for. Let me know when you are willing to work out a better deal than the two current options. Make it something that is well within reason, too. Prices right now are way to high.

H F Smith

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi! Please first make sure that you are connected to the same account you used to unlock the full version. If you don't get your full version, please send us your purchase receipt at support@edjing.com! Regards, edjing team


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Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

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  • Contact Info
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  • Usage Data

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  • Diagnostics

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