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Cada navidad, la tradición te permite "duendearte" y convertirte en protagonista de un vídeo personalizado donde aparecen tus fotos en unos duendes navideños bailarines. Solo necesitas subir hasta cinco fotos tuyas, de amigos, de familiares o de otras personas de tu carrete de cámara o desde Facebook. Selecciona la canción que quieres bailar, y la app generará un vídeo de ElfYourself personalizado para que lo compartas por correo electrónico o lo publiques en Facebook.


Versión 8.1.1

Actualizaciones v8.1.1
- Correcciones de estabilidad
- Se corrigió un error al cargar mensajes en la pantalla después de compartir un baile
- Se solucionó un problema con la compra, restauración y descarga de bailes

Además, no te olvides de:
- ¡Revisa la aplicación cada día para ver diferentes bailes libres!
- Baila con los elfos usando Realidad Aumentada (AR) *
- Guarda y comparte tus creaciones de danza de Realidad Aumentada (AR)
- Crear un saludo personalizado.
- Administra tu contenido para ahorrar espacio en tu dispositivo

Feliz elfing!

* Nota: la realidad aumentada (AR) requiere iPhone 6s o superior, iOS 11 o superior

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.0 de 5
2.9 k valoraciones

2.9 k valoraciones

laugh. aristina ,

This is great besides

This is one of the best Christmas apps I probably used. The one thing is they only let you make 2 different videos and you have to pay $.99 for all the other videos or you can pay for $5.99 for all the videos which I wish they would let us have six different videos to choose from and they should also come out with new videos every week. But over all this is a great app. Fun to make and send to families or to just joke around. It made my family laugh so this is great.

Shadowheart warrior cat ,

Fantastic app👍🏻

This app is great! You can make up to 5 elves. First take a picture of the person you want to make an elf (you can also use old photos) then alter your photo so it will fit on the elf, next dance! After you use a face once you can click on My Faces to use it again. My Faces holds 20 of your most recently used faces. This app is so funny and I recommend making elves of your pets, it is hilarious! It’s also really funny to take pics of celebrities and making them elves! I’ve also done it with Harry Potter characters😂 Great app for family gatherings around Christmas, it gets the whole family laughing. Elf Yourself comes with 2 free dances, Hip Hop Shop is always available, then there is 1 dance you can download. I think it’s about every week they switch it up so Hip Hop Shop is still available but they give you a new dance to download, but this also means the dance you download a week before is no longer available( but this does not mean you won’t ever be able to use it again) They also have Hanukkah dances🕎 Make sure to get this app before Christmas (or at any time really) Love this app so much!!!! Merry Christmas (it’s 2 days away!!!!) Now go elf yourself! 🎅🏼

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you Shadowheart warrior cat for a wonderful review! Reviews like this and users like you are what drive us to continue to make Elf Yourself better :) To add to to your review, we change the free dance everyday, so check back to Elf Yourself daily to enjoy a different dance each day. Be sure you have internet connected to your device when you check Elf Yourself daily. This is how the app knows what dance is set to "Free" for the day. Happy Elfing!

Cool Adventure123 ,

this game is awesome

I would love for people to get this app but the only thing that is wrong is that I don’t wanna waist all that money just for a game and I feel ashamed bc when you can’t buy anything you just have to free videos but it’s your choice so I won’t make the game worse for you and I don’t want to disappoint you so I will leave you to it and maybe one day you will read this and fix it but the rest this game is awesome! 💗💗💗 and this app just has really short Sean’s so it’s you choice sorry for complaining 😁😁😁 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 and not to be rude but no one would waste there money on that stuff soooo..... I will wait and see what happens I’m still counting on this app to do a better job 😜 and I would recommend to get this app it is really fun and awesome stay strong and believe in your dreams have a good. Day-night 🙂


Magic Mirror LLC
224 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Inglés, Ruso

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  1. Disco Dance $0.99
  2. 80s Dance $0.99
  3. Charleston Dance $0.99


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