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Emerald Time uses Network Time Protocol to display the current time of day as defined by the international standard atomic clocks. Its accuracy is limited only by network latency and is usually accurate to less than +/-100 milliseconds.

- geeky stats
- blinky lights and numbers
- display options for 12- or 24-hour, UTC or local, seconds & tenths
- NTP accuracy
- leap second display
- optional tick sounds
- optional screen brightness control
- night mode

(Requires Internet access. Emerald Time does not change the internal clock used by all other iPhone apps.)


Version 1.9.4

- Miscellaneous minor bug fixes
- Support for new build environment

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91 notes

91 notes

Julio the Grey ,

So Handy! Genius.

My house is populated with both weight driven pendulum and spring wound striking clocks of different kinds. Weekly winding day also requires having an accurate time standard to check variations in timekeeping and make small adjustments. I have a tall standing clock ("grandfather") that I usually have adjusted to accuracy of 2-6 seconds a week. Some times of year when temperatures shift means pendulum lengths have to be adjusted. This app really works great!

Also, I have companion parrots and being able to control the audible sounds available (or shut them off) means I don’t have my feathered kids learning more beeps and boops.

gm2365 ,

So Usefull

I have been using Emerald Time for a couple of years, mainly to precisely set my wristwatch and all of the clocks in my house, to the second. It is extremely accurate. The display on my I-phone is easy to see, and keeps on running accurately as I go around the house setting all of the clocks and appliance time displays. I used to use the WWV atomic clock shortwave radio but Emerald Time is admittedly easier to use, and just as accurate. Thank you for creating this App. BTW, Emerald Geneva is also frequent go-to for lunar and astronomical event tracking.

Steamfire ,

This has been my precision time reference for years

Fantastic simple, and highly useful. This gives you the extreme precision time of NTP, with lots of useful options. Specify servers, audible ticks/beeps, different display options, status of NTP time sync quality, etc. I often use it as a time sync reference on data logging videos- just point the camera at Emerald Time on my iPhone screen at the beginning of a video.

Love this!!

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